Wednesday, January 6, 2010

brown bag it

Ever since living abroad, I’ve become very conscious of my spending. I’m not complaining, of course, (as a poor student, I certainly can afford to save,) but it means that on most days at home, I pack my lunch for work, I often cook instead of eating out for breakfast and dinner, and I share non-organic produce with my family. Oh, and I eat a ton of leftovers! 
Yesterday I brought my mom’s potato soup with me. It was actually much better than expected with bits of celery and kale in it and spiced with red pepper, and filled me up faster than I thought. Alongside it I happily chomped on crudités and read a few pages of a pre-published book from the giveaway table. That’s the great thing about working at a healthy living magazine, the freebies are usually good for you ;).
As upsetting as it may be, for many eating healthfully is even too expensive. In my case, I focus on whole, unprocessed foods, bought in bulk, and only buy the other things (almond milk, Sunshine burgers, dark chocolate, etc) when they’re on sale or with coupons. Check brand websites, you can save a lot J. Still, there is definitely a problem within our country (the Dollar menu?) in which the, as much as I hate to use the world, bad food is “dirt cheap.”
Did you know that nearly 95% of U.S. health-care funds go towards treating illnesses, while only the remaining 5% is put towards prevention. Not even the (soon-to-be doctor) boy could argue that system reform is uncalled for. There are a countless number of problems with that figure, and it’s clear that our country could use a couple of  fund re-distribution right alongside more saving tips than I could ever begin to imagine.
Again on a lighter note: personal saving also usually means forgetting about happy hour… with the exception of tonight. I’m splurging with Steph! She’s a graduated friend of mine, we haven’t seen each other in almost 5 months, and some girlie conversation and drinks are well overdue. After we wrap-up our work days, we’re headed to Terroir for wine flights and small plates. I couldn’t be more excited :). Might be seeing you all later, we shall see! Have a great night!


  1. I couldn't agree more with many of your statements. There was an excellent special (on PBS I believe?) in which a journalist with some sort of health problem (I believe it was leg related) traveled around the world to see how different countries would treat his condition and what the cost would be to him. I wish I could remember the name, but I do remember that it was astounding how much some care countries could offer him with little or not inconvenience/cost to the journalist. I do agree that more energy needs to be focused on prevention.

  2. I was the same way after studying abroad...i now try to save money like there is not you, by bringing my own food, everywhere. :)

  3. I agree that there is something wrong with a food system in which healthful food often costs much more than less healthful fare. I am taking a class this spring about "US Health Disparities," and I think we'll discuss this very topic. I'll update you on the deets;)

  4. I save money by bringing food for everything - I hate being without a snack even for a 10 minute drive 'just incase' I get hungry. On another note, when I do eat out I make sure it's healthy. My mom made a comment to me when we were traveling together that after a few days of eating what I usually eat she felt so much better. I wanted to be like, "See what healthy food does?!" but didn't ;)

  5. mayapamela525: Wow, that sounds amazing. I'd love to be that journalist!

    Trying to Heal: Love it :)

    Chickpea: What an interesting class, I'd love to hear all about it!

    K from ksgoodeats: So true... and I constantly filter myself with comments like that ;)

  6. I try to do the same as you--buying whole foods as much as I can, only buying other items when on sale. It's definitely hard when your group of friends still has not learned how to save, I just can't keep up with everyone :)

    That wine flight with your friend sounds so fun!

  7. jenngirl: Ha, so true! It was :)


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