Friday, January 29, 2010

a medley of bffs

Hello :) I think I'm loving this whole blogging thing all over again. I was talking to my roommate about best friends last night. Do you realize how much that definition has evolved? In elementary school, best friend was an inclusive word and heaven forbid the person who held that title changed. Now, it has become all too common of a label. Oh ridiculosity. 
This morning, as planned, I met Miss Laura for brunch at Funk n' Waffles. Friday, not Sunday, brunches have always been a regular thing for me; I've never had class on Fridays, I love the sound of going out on a Thursday night, and I believe that there is nothing better than catching up with best of friends over delicious food. This is not my photo, as I had their vegan buckwheat waffle with banana, but I wanted you to literally get a feel for the place. It's a musical venue with a chill vibe and garage sale finds... basically wonderful.
About a month ago, I dined with a best friend in the blogosphere and two other bloggies, Ada and  Jamie. It was spectacular, really. I've come to befriend most bloggers I've met, some of us are closer than others, and to be perfectly honest, there are a few of us that don't even quite click. 
Although I am more than happy to be nice to everyone, I've accepted it all as fact; we're all just real people with unique personalities and interests outside of healthy food, it's bound to be a hit or miss to a certain degree. Yet , eating at Blossom (always a pleasure) with these three was a one of the best blogger meet-up meals to date. Leslie and I shared the raw sweet potato rolls as our appetizer, followed by individual salads. I had the arugula salad, mainly because I was craving avocado, and wine, for no particular reason... at no surprise here I'm sure ;).
It makes me happy sad when I think of how many people I truly consider my best friends. One is Liz, my European traveling companion whom I think about as often as nostalgic memories of studying abroad come up (all the time). I don't know if she realizes how much I appreciated her thoughtful New Years present to me, an original headband by Mad Madam Mimi. 
I've never been a headband girl, I don't own any collared shirts, and I would not consider myself preppy. Still, I wore my new hair accessory with a new outfit (which I so awkwardly display in this picture) on my last day at Fitness (that would explain the sad face). And just like my best friendships with Laura, Leslie, Liz and others (who's names do not necessarily begin with an "L"-case in point, the visiting Courtney) now I can't imagine my life without it.

P.S. I officially got the Medley Magazine Web Editor gig :)


  1. i think the term "best friends" tends to get throw around a little too much. It's so wonderful that you have so many people in our life that truly qualify as your best friends. You deserve them :) xo

  2. You are rockin' the patterned tights, girl!

  3. congrats on the editor gig! what an honor!!!

    i love the headband - you look smokin' ;)

  4. Jenny: Yes, I know... and thank you!

    ChickPea: Aw, haha, thanks :)

    *Andrea*: Why thank you sweetheart... on both accounts :)

  5. i love you! please hurry up and graduate so we can eat and drink and play together allll the time.

    and i agree that was one of the best blogger meetups i've been to. the unnecessary wine was totally necessary. :)

    ps: congrats on the editor gig!

  6. What a cool site you have! My hubby used to live in Strasbourg for work for a short time...not sure if you were visiting there or living there too? I was looking for your About page...

    Okay so you have a cook? How jealous am I?

  7. It's so funny how relationships have evolved since we were kids. I value such different things in others now, and while it can make some friendships hard, it makes them much more worthwhile to know who you are comfortable with.

    Congrats on getting the web editor gig! :)

  8. leslie: Your wish is my command... so true :) thanks! Thanks! That's awesome, I lived there for four months while I was studying abroad, it's a beautiful little city. We have a cook in the sorority house bc so many girls left in, I'll admit, I'm getting spoiled. And I should make an about page... thanks for the idea :)

    jenngirl: Exactly my dear, thank you!

  9. Congrats on the new gig! I just love the way that you write!

  10. WOOHOO! Congrats on the gig, lady! You are totally rockin' the outfit in that picture. Own it, girl!

    I totally agree that friendship has evolved over time and that regardless of our opinions, the most important thing we can do with people -- friends or not -- is to treat them with the utmost respect. We are all different, as you said!

    That said, I am so glad to consider you a blog friend and can't WAIT for the day we meet in person! Have a lovely night!

  11. traveleatlove: Thank you so much!

    eatingbender: Haha, thanks darling. You're so very right, I couldn't agree more. And I am looking forward to meeting you like none other :).


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