Saturday, January 9, 2010

new yorkers

Good morning afternoon everyone! Boy am I seepy (the way I pronounced "sleepy" as a four-year old whose favorite movie was Sleeping Beauty)! I had an impromptu night on the town after my relaxing day at home and couldn't fall asleep until 5 a.m.
Great times with good friends!  As for today, I have plans with the boy and a possible movie later so I can't really blog, but, I do want to invite all blogging to New Yorkers to a Pure Food and Wine dinner. I cannot wait. Check out Leslie's post for more info!
"I LOVE NEW YORK” is the oldest one in the book, conventional wisdom in all caps. And yet, it still somehow retains its potency, and why is that? Because only a fool would think otherwise. We are a city that rains prosperity down on the whole country, exporting everything from war heroes to canny socialites to great filmmakers rediscovering their top form. We offer hot dates, hot waiters, hot bands, and hot neighbors. We are the base of more political mojo than any state in the nation and of an angry guy who is single-handedly holding up one of the biggest real-estate projects in the city’s history. Plus we hold fast to the faith that our drinking water tastes better than everyone else’s, even though that is almost certainly not true. But if all that is just a little too hard-core for you, wake up early tomorrow morning and walk the streets at dawn. At that hour, the city belongs neither to the corporate machers who run the town nor even to the hardworking millions who sustain it. It belongs simply to you. -NY Mag


  1. I think my fam might go to New York sometime next year!! I am excited!!!

    looking gorgeous as usual!
    love youuuu

  2. I wish I weren't so busy with the move, I'd love to meet up with you again! I met you so briefly at the Candle 79 dinner. Anyways, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite Disney movie as a kid too. :)

  3. I wish I were in NYC! A bloggie dinner would be amazing.

    Hope you get some sleep tonight girlie :)

  4. Gillian: So do I! But then again... that would mean you weren't in Paris blogging me absolutely nostalgic, and that'd be a tragedy ;)

    glidingcalm: Oh my gosh, we will see each other soon then! YAY :) I cannot wait! Thanks lovely!

    Marina: Wish you could come too! Good luck with everything.

    jenngirl: It definitely would, thanks so much!


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