Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I don't know if I've ever mentioned it before but... I'm a hypocrite, and a big one :). When I chose my school I promised to never let myself get involved with Greek life. I refused to involve myself in the snobby and immature caddyness. I wouldn't become just another obnoxious and materialistic sorority girl. Today I'm a proud member of Alpha Chi Omega and just had my day made by two new pledges (whom I have yet to meet) that e-mailed me. So much for pre-judgement! Going against myself was one of the best decisions I ever made :).
Now for the juicy stuff, (and no, I don't mean gossip,) home-cooked meals with my French family! Sunday night's dinner began with une Soupe de Poireaux. I like leeks, the more delicate and sweeter cousin of onions, and I feel as though they're unfamiliar to Americans, they were to me. Not only are they yummy and low-cal but they also have been proven to lower LDL cholesterol, protect against ovarian cancer, stabilize blood sugar levels, and generally promote optimal health. This is your queue to try 'em :).
Next up was a plentiful salad of stuffed and grilled tomatoes, marinated shredded carrots, kiwi, and cheese. As you can tell, we emptied out the contents from the fridge for this one! I also had the rest of the potato salad from my host family's special lunch, and a slice of French bread, and an Éclair au Café as a Sunday treat. All in all, another good meal, no matter how random it was.
As for the dreaded Monday ;) I had an extra-special breakfast planned, a homemade waffle topped with chestnut jam and sliced banana. I had the usual plain yogurt and green tea on the side as well. Oh my gosh this was great! I think the only thing that could have made it better would have been a thin layer of peanut butter, wouldn't you agree? My day was unfortunately pretty stressful but I did receive a lovely package from my Momma! I forgot to bring my flip-flops, Chilean guantes, and my bear so I requested her to send them as soon as she could. Looks like she missed me! There were so many goodies that my host-mom even asked if it had been my birthday. She's the best :).
Last night's dinner began again with a vegetable soup. I think this one had leeks, onions, carrots, and céréales (not sure what these are in English because they're certainly not cereal).

This was followed by a lettuce salad with corn and sunflower seeds,
and our plat du jour of lentils, and a scrambled egg with parsley.
Then came the cheese with a slice of fresh multigrain country bread.
And finally dessert! In an attempt to eat cleaner I've decided that pastries really shouldn't become a daily indulgence. So last night I had an apple... okay, and some vanilla cream too, but it's the last of it :).

That brings us to today, a rainy, windy Tuesday, and this morning's breakfast. I had my last packet (tear) of oatmeal with banana, yogurt, and sliced almonds. I add copious amounts of cinnamon too, and sometimes don't mix it in before photographing, don't judge ;). Oh yeah, more green tea, which I also happen to sipping now as well. I love green tea and knowing that it's so incredibly good for you makes me just feel good. Gotta love those antioxidants.
Hope you're all having a fantastic Tuesday so far! Despite the weather mine's been pretty good. I got to go with my bilingual class on a field trip to the Musée de Notre Dame so it definitely started off on a high note. I'm off to do homework and some paper writing! Fun, fun, fun. Take care girlies!

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