Friday, February 13, 2009


Also known as Deanna, my little sister, who turns 14 today. As the baby of the family she's always been a little pampered and adored by all but with good reason :). She's a great listener, she's fun to be around, and she has a heart of gold, Joyeux anniversaire ma chérie soeur!
But as I am still very much a foodie, I musn't dedicate my entire post to my little sister ;) here's last night's fabulous dinner:
A cauliflower soup, garlic spinach, and rice mixed with peas and eggs.

Finished off with a bit of paté, French bread, and pureéd papaya with almonds. This meal was balanced with an array of flavors, delectable.

Back to my sister... In addition to being picture perfect ;) she's also incredibly talented. That girl can dance! She's got a primary role in her dance school's company and competes regularly. She's been known to practice as much as 40 an hour a week and is in the kind of shape that I hope to be in one day! She does all this while continuing to do well in school, volunteer with Girl Scouts, star in the school play, and be a kid.

Now for a short and sweet breakfast break. Today began with green tea and yogurt (because I obviously felt like being creative, lol),

followed by a two small pieces of a toasted baguette, (my beloved) Brie cheese, dried apricots, and a handful of almonds.

Oh and don't forget the final cup of papaya! Or the Chestnut Marmalade that I spread on the bread in honor of my sister's sweet tooth. Chestnuts are not nearly appreciated in the US as much as they should be! This yummy spread is 60% roasted and blended chestnuts mixed with vanilla extract and sugar. Not be the healthiest thing but it sure tastes great.

Deanna again... she's so active she might as well be my hero ;) and I make sure she fuels herself well because of it! Alright, that's enough, I'll let you go appreciate your family now. Hope you have a terrific Friday and weekend. Happy eating, yoga-ing, dancing, whatever your fancy! :)

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