Wednesday, February 11, 2009

glücklich+chanceux = double the luck

Good morning my friends in the western hemisphere :). I've already had my three classes of the day and my weekend actually begins this very moment in time so I'm most definitely having a good afternoon! We have tomorrow off because our policy seminar class is going on a field trip to Brussels and Luxembourg. I was worried that I would be solo in Strasbourg but it turns out I have quite a few friends who aren't in the class. We might go to Kehl for their Sunday Karneval (Carnival) celebration, sounds like it'll be quite the experience!
Being so close to Germany is so nice because I have both those French and German traditions to participate in! Not to mention that last night's dinner wouldn't have been the same without those German products that my host-mom purchased last weekend. Before we get to that part though, let's start at the beginning, avec le Soupe aux Épinards. Spinach is one of my favorite greens so this was a real treat. Our main dish was Raviolis aux légumes avec maïs dans une sauce au fromage. Quite the mouthful, huh? All it was was vegetable-filled raviolis in a homemade cheese sauce. Then we added the corn from yesterday and it was actually a pretty good addition. Next up with the cheese dish was a Mushroom Paté. My host-mom asked me what I thought last night and all I had to say was, "C'est interesant." I'm still not sure if I liked it, lol, but it was certainly interesting. I'll leave the paté for my French friends. And for dessert a sweet yet tart pamplemousse. Words like "grapefruit" are so funny in French that I always feel the need to smile when I say it. I'm sure the fact that it's my all-time favorite citrus fruit makes me happy too though :).
Moving on to mon petit déjuener ce matin. It began with a bowl of banana and rice pudding. I normally don't like rice pudding, especially not for breakfast, but this French kind really isn't sweet at all and simply tastes like yogurt with grains. Pretty good I'd say.

Then a couple of two fabulous madeleines, of which my bike received her name from, (in addition to that girl in the little blue dress.) These little French breakfast cakes became famous in France after Marcel Proust passed away leaving his last book, an autobiography, unfinished. He reflects on his memories brought on completely by madeleines which he ate at his breakfast table many a times as a child. It's a quite story, my host-mom told me this morning :).

Alongside some pureed apples and green tea my breakfast was complete. I'm not sure what I prefer... little plates and different tastes or one big oatmeal mix of flavors? What's your opinion? Both can make for a very enjoyable and satisfying breakfast, I guess, and I do have my whole life to alternate. Lucky me ;). Okay, chickidies that's all for today! I'm going to go grocery shopping at the nearest co-op and then I've got to look for a costume for the carnival. Happy Wednesday!

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