Thursday, February 26, 2009

bonne vacances

Oh my! Merci beaucoup pour vos commentaires positifs! Je ne peux même pas vous dire combien la grande réponse à ces deux derniers messages a signifié pour moi... woah, what?! Sorry about that, ha, I guess I've been practicing my French too much lately ;). Let me try that again: thank you so much for your positive comments! I can't even tell you how much the huge response to my last two posts has meant to me! (That's better.) I really have been having quite the inner dialogue lately and it's so nice to be able to share it so wholeheartedly with such a like-minded crowd. If you've ever doubted it, you, my dears, are very much appreciated.

So, last night I walk in to find this situated on our table. As it turns out my host-brother and his girlfriend were coming over for a last minute meal. It was my first time meeting them! They were lovely, but I was also excited about the food, of course. After looking over the appetizers, I was hopeful for the gourmet dinner that my mom had planned. Hm...

Domino's?! The food snob in me cringed a little bit as I ate two slices of Domino's pizza for dinner last night. That said, I must admit it wasn't as bad as it is in the States (taste-wise, not nutritionally.) We had pie of a goat cheese and smoked salmon,

and a quatre frommage pie, FOUR French cheeses. Not quite as disappointing as I had anticipated, but it's a good thing I've put that whole unhealthy mindset about food behind me! Today, I went on a nice long shopping-induced bike ride to compensate :).

Much to my surprise I still woke up this morning with a growling tummy. I was actually so hungry that I half-way ate through my breakfast before photographing it. You can use your imagination ;). There was once two slices of French bread with cheese, jam, and a crunchy Morrocan nut spread (courtesy of our housekeeper,) two dried apricots, six almonds (very exact, haha), and the sweets. I actually ate the cookie and left the remaining two pieces of the chocolate-covered pound cake for my host-sister. She takes her TOEFL exam today. Wish her luck!

As for me, I've got to make my way to the airport... spring break has begun! To review: I´ll be in Dublin for the next three days, Budapest for the four after that, Florence for another four and then London for the final three. If I can, I'll post; if not, please stay healthy and happy and get excited for a long European extravaganza recap-post in a week in a half :). Take care!

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