Monday, February 2, 2009

rocking out in canada

With all my interest in food and nutrition, I've accumulated a lot of facts and theories... when it comes to musical knowledge, however, I'm a bit of an amateur. After being home for all of 6 hours yesterday (following my incredible weekend in Barcelona, which is such an amazing city, by the way, and I will be sure to recount tomorrow), I went to a concert with my friends in downtown Strasbourg. We bought tickets a while ago, following an invite that went as follows-
Ryan: So we're going to buy the tickets online for the concert soon, you definitely want to come right?
Liz: Definitely! Danielle, want to join us?
Danielle: Sure, I'd go to a concert. Who's playing?
Ryan: Yeah, two weekends from now. It should be a great show.
Danielle: Uh, well, I can't think of who they are, but then again I'm not good with music. Are you really going to Canada for just the weekend?
Liz, Ryan, everyone: (laughter) Aw, Danielle...

Pretty disgraceful, huh? Haha, I can't believe I just voluntarily shared my stupidity with the blog world! Oh God. Alright, anyway, the concert was a lot of fun, I did already know one of the songs, and I had a blast seeing my friends Liz, Ryan, David, Heidi, and Lindsay after our separate travels (they went to Nice and Monaco for the weekend). I ate a salad with tomatoes, honeydew melon, cucumbers, mozzarella cheese beforehand. P.S. The kitchen has horrendous lighting.
Supplemented with a cup of vegetable soup as an appetizer and a chocolate pudding cup for dessert. It was a nice light meal which was just what my body was craving after eating out for the past 48 hours in one of Spain's gastronomical capitals. Oh my gosh, I loved it there, and not just for the delicious food but for the energy and the art and the nightlife and... like I said, I'll tell you all about it tomorrow :).

This morning began another work week filled with the first few weeks of assignments, papers, projects, readings, and lesson plans! Since I'm receiving 2 credits for my internship I have to take the initiative and have legitimate projects with the kids, I'm so excited. Some of the students are native French speakers, others were born in other European, African, Asian, or American countries so they're learning French and English just as I'm struggling with my own French.

As you see above, I had some multigrain bread alongside red roasted pepper creamed cheese and kiwi marmalade for breakfast. I also ate the clementine in the background, drank a mug of green tea, and finally grabbed a small yogurt. Maybe it's because I'm used to my filling bowl of oatmeal but most of the time bread and cheese just is not enough for me. Perhaps I should go out and buy some steel-cut oats? Hmm.
I thought this little bowl was rather pretty so I photographed it as well :). Although I must admit that I don't feel that same family bond as I had with my Chilean host mom (due to a busier schedule, lower aptitude of French, less family-oriented culture, expectations to travel on most weekends, and basic rules of the program) I love asking her about her travels and experiences, she's really has great stories and keepsakes.
Okay, that's all for now lovelies! It's only about 9 EST now so I hope you have a wonderful Monday and week up ahead. I'm off to re-read Miss Nelson is Missing! and brainstorm some follow-up activities, then it's laundry time. Oh, speaking of! I've got tons of clothes to wash (tmi? lol) so I'm going to obviously have space in between the washer and dryer... perfect time for a run, no? I'm determined to get back up to speed with my other bloggies, especially inspiring runner, Meghann. Please donate to her marathon mission, if you can, I know I am soon!

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