Saturday, June 7, 2008

back to business

Remember me? :) Sorry about not posting for the past 2 days! I ended up staying in Boston longer than expected because I couldn't fit in all the unexpected fun in only 24 hours. Yes, it was such an incredible trip and I'm so happy I went! But now I'm back to my reality and my to-do list is even longer. Still, so worth it :). Okay, here's what we missed: I went into the city early on Thursday morning so that I could meet my roommate from college for coffee. Well, she was hungry and it was already 4 hours since I had breakfast so we decided to sit down. We stepped directly outside Grand Central to the Pershing Cafe. I got muesli with greek yogurt and berries! I didn't finish my bowl since it was more of a morning snack but it was perfectly light enough. Aside from our yummy breakfasts it was a bittersweet hour and a half because it was the last time I would see my roommate for another 15 months :(. It may have been a good thing that she had to go to her internship and I had my appointment at the Chilean consulate, otherwise, the restaurant may have needed to kick us out and the end of the night because we were so hesitant to say goodbye! About an hour later I was able to leave the Chilean consulate with my visa in hand and run back to Grand Central to catch a train home. I ended up missing an express by 3 minutes and had some time to kill so I bought lunch from "Eat a Pita," a hummus & tabouleh with their salad mixed in. Delish! I wanted to keep this for the beginning of my ride but I ended up eating most of it on the train ride home. Fast-forward 4 hours and I found myself in Boston with the boy. I really has such an amazing time! Anyway, it was while before I got hungry again and by the time we went out to get dinner most things were closed or IDing because the bar was open. We ended up going to BHOP, a pizza place near Northeastern University. By the time we found it I was completely famished so I ordered two vegetable special slices (regular cheese pizza with broccoli, onions, peppers, and tomato). I ate it way too fast to take a picture but I was able to taste and it was some of the best pizza I've ever had. Of course, that could have been my hunger speaking ;). We strolled around the area a bit longer and on the way back to his apartment we passed a supermarket. I cannot express in words how much I was craving an apple, haha, so I asked him if we could run in. We were both cracking up! The rest of the night was spent watching the Celtics game with his roommates while I ate my apple. The next morning we both got up bright and early and ran down to a coffee bar at the end of the street. They only served pastries and baked goods so I had a bagel with my skim latte for breakfast. The remainder of our day was jam-packed with the art museum and basic wandering around Boston while meeting up with our friends living there for the summer. We stopped with a group of people for lunch in Quincy Market around 2. I found myself starving, again, but this time with another stomach ache. What is up with me? Hm, anyway I wanted something light so I ordered the Crab Avocado Salad (mixed greens, tomato, onions, crab, avocado with a citrus-lime vinaigrette. Oh my gosh, the best salad I've ever had! This time it wasn't just my growling tummy either because my friends can attest to my claim! Another 6 hours later we were window-shopping on Newbury Street and decided it was time for dinner. At this point it was only the 2 of us so we chose a mutual favorite cuisine, Mexican-inspired, at the Cottonwood Restaurant. It was completely by chance that it also was voted the best southwestern restaurant a few years back. How lucky are we?! I second the title! I had the delectable Vegetarian Enchiladas. The plate was obviously huge so I only ate about half of what was pictured but wow. I would definitely recommend this place if you are ever, ever, ever in the area! And I can't only speak for my dish, even though, the boy basically ordered a carnivore's dream because in order to commemorate the special occasion we ordered dessert! Fried Ice-Cream! It wasn't really fried because the scoop of vanilla was decorated with corn flakes. There were 4 "Mexican" brownies with walnuts around the ice cream and it was drizzled with fudge and caramel. I'm still salivating and I was able to eat a little less than half of it last night! Oh my gosh, and then following our meal of the year we went to a friend's apartment. This morning I woke up with the sun, had a much less emotional second good-bye to the boy, picked up a bagel and latte again for breakfast and made my way home. My mom was cutting a watermelon as I walked in... and it was the ideal sweet ending to a seemingly ideal trip. I hope everyone had a fabulous past few days and is enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend! I'm working at the restaurant tonight but I'll be back afterwards for another post. Au revoir mon amis!

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