Wednesday, March 30, 2016

what it adds up to

At 27, I've been to twenty-seven countries, though I'd never say so out loud. Such statements are silly. Because, here's the thing: the world is most definitely not my oyster—and neither my experiences nor anyone else's can be quantified. What matters in travel, I think, is that one is curious and daring and open enough to explore the world in the first place. Forget the checklist. In my case, doing so has granted me the privilege to know the warmth and generosity of an Ecuadorian, a Chilean, and multiple French families; to be humbled by the beauty of the Amazon, Stroker geyser, Atacama Desert, as well as the genius of Roman, Mayan, and Moorish architecture; and, perhaps most importantly, to fully appreciate how few "right" ways there are to live and love, to satiate and enjoy...

danielle abroad has spoken ;)
I'm blogging from Los Angeles (home), after spending the past two weeks in New York. I worked from our offices in Williamsburg, at the Piers, an Upper East Side private school, a museum downtown. It felt surprisingly normal, almost as if I were living in the city again. And yet, that time in my life feels so far away. I think that's why I'm feeling especially reflective and grateful. I remember so much from that period (when almost everything familiar was stifling) and so much has taken place since, mostly elsewhere.
Time and time again, I've heard women praise their 30s. That magical combination of becoming financially stable and satisfied with careers, relationships, et cetera has propelled many to an exceptionally important point: being completely secure with who one is and what one wants/needs. And though I'm not quite there yet, I'm starting to understand how this phenomena can be true. I'm managing to become at ease with my whereabouts—reveling in a routine, trusting my evolution, accepting that I'll always seek more... whether that's a Northern Lights sighting, an evening at the Bolshoi Theatre, or a South African road trip. All in good time, my friends.

P.S. This is my 1210th post. For greater perspective, here is my 1st one (when I was a mere babe [8 years ago]). Oy.


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