Saturday, March 5, 2016


A couple weekends ago, I found myself dancing to Britney Spears in a Silver Lake dive bar with a friend and her neighbor. In my carefree state, I commented (compassionately) on the insecurities of the noticeably younger crowd—I felt my age, in a good way.
Please excuse my flowery language when I tell you my soul has ripened in the past few months and weeks; and as such, claiming to feel "wiser" is probably more accurate. I didn't make a list of what I learned last year because the lessons were hardly quantifiable. My circumstances and choices forced me to confront fears, flaws, and deep-seeded truths I'd spent years ignoring or trying to suppress. I've become stronger, more solid, self-aware. I've discovered that no matter how tempting it may be to celebrate "making it to the other side", it's much more valuable to recognize the ongoing mindful process, to appreciate, and to continue.
I chopped off my hair two weeks ago. It was a sudden decision. Sarah had just finished given me the trim I'd asked for when she mentioned a bob "Only $70 for a whole new chance at life?" I'd jokingly responded when the time came to pay. I might still be getting used to it (haven't had my hair this short since 6th grade!) but it feels right. How important it is to feel better physically, too.
There's most certainly travel on the horizon (New York, San Francisco, Milwaukee, Vancouver, hopefully Paris, maybe Rome), but to be honest, for now, all truly is well in Los Angeles.

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