Thursday, June 12, 2014

mes parents

My parents touched down in Paris a mere 30 hours after I did (having just returned from K's wedding in Lake Tahoe, California). It was hectic and ambitious to have them around: (1) because I was very adamant about them enjoying themselves, especially as it was my dad's first ever experience in Europe and (2) because I was very dedicated to enjoying myself as well in the last two weeks of my actual-living in the City of Light. We somehow managed to eat and drink well :) a brief overview of how we spent their five days:
{Saturday, 1-5pm: overpriced bus tour}
{Saturday, 8pm: dining at Le Quincampe with my French family; competitive Mikado game included}
{Saturday, 11pm: boat cruise on the Seine by night}
{Sunday, 9:30am: breakfast at Rose Bakery}

{Sunday, 2:30pm: simple lunch en famille in Melun}

{Sunday, 5:00pm: stroll down the Promenade plantée}
{Sunday, 8:50pm: El Nopal tacos on the canal}
{Monday, 11:30am: visit to the Châteaux de Chantilly}

 {Tuesday, 10am: AUP graduation and delivery of MA degree}

{Tuesday, 2pm: graduation lunch at Bistrot du 1er with Marie, her mom, Rachael, and Lorelei}
My dad fell in love with Paris (despite ever-gray skies) and my mom is happy when he is, so I'd call the visit a success. I basically celebrated my birthday all week basking in their company and generosity, too. Yay for "traveling" with my parents for the second time this year! Growing up is a funny process in and of itself, but I'm finding the evolution of our relationship most intriguing. This just in: they're two especially wonderful and imperfect people, doing their best and figuring out life as they go along. Lucky me.


  1. lovely pics. I left Paris just a couple of days ago and already miss it like crazy :)

    1. Thank you, dear! I know exactly what you mean :)

  2. Gorgeous photos and what a fun time with your parents! All of the food looks fantastic and the the Châteaux de Chantilly seems fabulous. It looks like you all had a great time - love what you said about the evolution of your relationship, too. :)

  3. love love love these photos :)


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