Friday, June 20, 2014

la pause new-yorkaise

Can I complain for just a minute, please? Because all the "...before you leave again"s are becoming unbearable. C'est trop.
If only they knew how much I wish I'd been able to settle; to have stayed with comfort and ease in a familiar setting, enjoying the countless benefits of having family and friends consistently close by; to have appreciated New York for everything it is and isn't, and to not have longed for something different. I have no desire to be a nomad nor gypsy, despite how far my "globetrotting tendencies" have taken me. I'm simply working towards a destination that includes roots and routine alongside great love and adventure. Or at least trying to. And so few parts of the journey have been simple at all, and more often than not, the experience is isolating, but I do think I'm getting closer to contentment. I truly want that. And I hope with all my heart that the life I've created is leading me there.

So, please, don't playfully criticize the many mailing addresses. It's because I've tired of missing you that I need your support more than ever. You'll always have mine, you know. Besides, if it matters, I've never not wished you could've been there, too.


  1. Oh, Danielle! Well said!

    People's mostly curious but seemingly passive aggressive comments can just get to be too much at times. I can relate when so many find it necessary to speak words like "So where are you working NOW?" when I see them after a few months apart, due to my 3-4 different jobs in the last 5 years. I get it!

    Remember that folks think it's easy to make decisions in your own favor versus what is expected of you. It's seen as a privilege. But also remember that the person living this life is you and that's who you have to answer to. xx

    1. Lisa, you're wonderful. Thank you! I'd agree it's a privilege but a pretty scary and challenging one to take on. Sorry you understand, but I so appreciate your understanding all the same. xo


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