Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Being home has stirred up emotions, memories, and thought. It's also offered solace. I feel as though I've hit a stride with accepting this awkward amount of time that I'm living under my parents' roof as I research and reconnect. I've also blogged less. I'm not sure how to express what it's like to be with family and friends who embrace me as though I've never left. I doubt I could explain how New York no longer feels like my city yet has welcomed me back with open arms. I will say this though: it's pretty darn great.
Due in no small part, I'm sure, to its impermanence. I'm hardly stuck. I've already got plans for Paris, and London, and elsewhere; and before any of 'em, a few more important to-do's such as tonight's (2nd) happy hour at Murray's Cheese Bar with my darling former roommate. I haven't seen her since the impromptu visit! By the way, when used as an adjective, "halcyon" denotes a period of time that was idyllically happy and peaceful. As we continue to enjoy 2014, let's please not ignore that many who are suffering in this bitter cold--or rather, 'polar vortex'--that's swept across the United States. Here's how you can help the homeless in your city.


  1. I've never lived in NYC, but somehow I always feel at home whenever I visit.

  2. Your photos are great!! I can feel the energy of new york through them...

    1. Thanks, love. Gotta love the convenience of the iPhone! xo

  3. Oh gosh, I couldn't imagine going home now! I can say though maybe if my "home" was NYC I would find it a little easier ;).


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