Friday, August 9, 2013

the friendliest and unfriendliest

The other day, I stumbled upon a CN Traveler slideshow of the "friendliest" and "unfriendliest" cities in the world. To me, it's *BS. The accompanying article admits unfriendly "is a tough word to define," but I'd also argue that it's a deceiving description. Places aren't inherently unfriendly, people can be; and it's absolutely absurd to limit the entire population of a city--big or small--to one negative characteristic. Although I understand trying to visit places you expect to feel comfortable in (for the enjoyment of your travel experience, if nothing else), I also think it's important to realize that perceptions are hardly reflections of reality. End rant.
Please note that my anger above is a reflection of overwhelmingly positive experiences in unfamiliar cities. As much as I realize I'm lucky for having had them, I'm also aware that I'm not the only person in the universe to be treated with kindness and respect in various parts of the world. Good people exist everywhere, but not every city has such a grand artistic and gastronomic history (like that of Paris) to overcome the stereotypes placed upon them. Let's explore more, judge less :) and have wonderful weekends, deal?


  1. I so agree with this! I'm always the first to defend a city that people claim to be unfriendly or rude, even when I haven't been there myself :) This rant is well worth the words.


  2. I'm with you. It's so ridiculous to characterize an entire city like that. People are people. Some are mean, unfriendly, rude, and short. Others are kind, welcoming, patient, and glad to help. They both exist everywhere.

  3. I complete agree with you! Every city has the good and the bad. An experienced traveler will not judge the whole city from one bad experience!

  4. While I can't disagree with #14 on friendliest (and I swear I'm not the least bit bias), lists like this drive me nuts. I have had experiences in 'unfriendly' cities that have been some of my most positive, and I have seen people have 'bad' experiences which were a direct result of their own crappy attitude and yet they'll blame the city.

    Also, all those people who voted for Dublin for being so friendly, it's because you don't know what they're saying about you once you're out the door ;)

    1. I know, right? Opinions are opinions. I, for example, happened to love my time Dublin... ;)


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