Tuesday, August 27, 2013

sweden's third city

I had a good feeling about Malmö, the Swedish city that sounds so “Scandi” (according to friends like Anna) yet hadn’t existed to me before I stumbled across the Media Evolution conference that was to be held there. My late night experience reinforced this optimism; as did Liselott(CouchSurfing host)'s morning apologies for only having muesli and milk for breakfast—my Parisian standard, her suggestion that we meet for dinner on Thursday evening at the city’s annual festival, and her Friday night invite to the city's chocolate factory turned microbrewery. I got a good sense of it too from intermingling with media and academic professionals from the area. But I’m not reflecting on the conference, not yet. Today, I’d just like to share a glimpse of Sweden’s third largest city that’s still small enough to be digested in a 4-day visit. I walked to and from the Slagthuset (an atmospheric former slaughterhouse, it's possible) each morning and evening to make sure I saw as much as possible. And I can’t imagine not knowing (and loving) it now.
By the way, I’m not one for souvenirs, but couldn’t resist buying my mom (the woman who ultimately gave me the courage to make this trip possible) traditional Swedish licorice … salted. It’s a thing. Also, I totally loved being introduced to Say Lou Lou’s music.


  1. This looks like such a cute city! I'm so glad you found a new favorite place to travel. It looks really active and like there's always a lot going on :)

  2. Going to cold weather cities in the summer is always fun because everyone is out & enjoying the sun!

  3. That outdoor food market looks amazing. Who knew Sweden's third largest city had such a diverse food spread?

    1. Doesn't it?! There's a large number of refugees in Sweden and many were placed here. And then of course there are plenty of immigrants who come on their own accord. Yummy diversity ;).


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