Sunday, January 6, 2013

only in new york

This past weekend was my last in New York--at least until June at which time I'll be running from my sister's high school graduation (already? I know!) to my friend's wedding (already?! I know, ha.)
To make sure I enjoyed it to the fullest, I first cooked. My Parisian kitchen is rather limited a.k.a. stove-less so preparing a dish for the potluck dinner was a real treat. I peeled and sliced 6 parsnips and added them to a buttered dish with sliced onions, gruyere, shredded kale, and sprigs of thyme.
Then I poured over a heated mixture of heavy cream, minced garlic, salt, nutmeg, white pepper, flour and more thyme. I topped with gruyere and a pinch of nutmeg before covering the dish and placing it in a preheated oven at 400 degrees for 50 minutes. Later, at Leslie's, I baked it for another 20 minutes uncovered.
Behold, parsnip gratin. It was delicious. You can get the full recipe at feasting at home by clicking on the link.
Once prepared, I carefully placed it in the car and drove to Brooklyn for, as I've said, another potluck.
There, I enjoyed three kinds of homemade hummus (plain, sun-dried tomato, and pesto), along with a yogurt dip, kale salad, glazed carrots, and my parsnip gratin. Five other even-lovelier-than-the-tasty-food-they-brought ladies were present. And for dessert, we were all about the red wine chocolate fudge brownies.
Later that night, I subway-ed over to Manhattan to crash my grand little's birthday party. What fun!
I awoke Saturday morning, exhausted, and drove home; making sure to stop in Queens along the way.
Why? Well, to see Miss Katie, of course! And brunch at a charming Greek restaurant that serves omelettes with fries, and toast, and salad, and a complimentary mimosa for only $12. 'Twas a busy wonderful 24 hours.
So as soon as I arrived at my parents' quiet house, I relaxed, and then slept "forever". All I did on this lazy Sunday was see a fantastic movie with my Mom, and only now am about run out to meet friends for a glass of wine. I cannot wait to be back in Paris next weekend, but gosh, there is nothing like being home in New York.


  1. Red wine brownies? It's all of my very favorite things in one! Looks like you made the most of your NY time :)

    1. Yes, they're delicious! Sofia makes them often and every time they're amazing. I tried my best to do so :)

  2. So lovely to see you on Friday! I only wish I didn't have to wait until June for it to happen again. :)

    p.s. You've made me a believer in parsnips. So good!

    1. Wonderful seeing you, too! I'm so happy you're doing so well. Come visit me in Paris? I'll make you parsnips? ;)

  3. your photographs are stunning, just like you!


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