Wednesday, June 6, 2012

how to cool off in cartagena, part 2

If you're playing catch up here, allow me to set the scene: Cartagena, Colombia; beautiful, lively; hot, hot, humid. Now, begin with Part 1 for the full overview.
an early morning walk to the Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel.
an hour and a half boat ride through calm, Caribbean waters to one of the seven Rosario Islands.
a glass of the best fruit punch in the whole wide world upon arrival...
...followed by a late morning cocktail (forgive me, I was in vacation-mode): limonada, gin, and mint.
a fresh lunch of tilapia, coconut rice, and patacones (fried green plantains).
a break from direct sunlight paired with one of many dips into the ocean.
a windy return to Cartagena with stunning views.
a late dinner at a typical restaurant: una cerveza, grilled chicken breast, rice with black-eyed peas, patacones.
a good night's sleep plus a great breakfast before the apartment got too stuffy: arepa, scrambled egg, sliced apple, black coffee. (Did I mention there was no AC?)
a cooler, overcast day (thank you, Mother Nature) which turned out to be perfect for a visit to Castillo San Felipe de Barajas, a Spanish fortress built during the colonial era to protect Cartagena from approaches to the city by land or sea.
a fancy lunch at Club de Pesca with views of the marina and the modern city, Bocagrande. Both my grandmother and I enjoyed an Ensalada Mar Caribe:

a pit-stop to Gelateria Paradiso before retreating back to the apartment.
another nap, during which time darkness fell upon the city, as did our appetites.
a light dinner of sushi and rosé at Restaurante San Pedro.

P.S. I also enjoyed introductions to the backpacking and nightlife scenes... of which weren't necessarily cooling, but definitely lots of fun. Details to follow!


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