Monday, June 11, 2012

cheese & crackers, salad & wine

Morning, sunshines. Hope you had a lovely weekend! I certainly did. Last weekend was amazing, but it was almost too busy; following my day of belated birthday celebrating, my maternal cousins and I spend our Sunday afternoon at the Westchester Broadway Dinner Theatre watching Hairspray with my aunt and uncle (our annual thing). It was fun, and I woke up tired on Monday morning. This weekend, however, I slept in. Friday night was spent at a local bar with a friend and live music, and Saturday night, at a local rooftop party of a friend of a friend. And in between, I spent a late afternoon at my cousin Bianca's apartment.
We have this tradition of "cooking" together as we catch up on each other's lives. I use quotation marks because our cooking usually doesn't require a stove being that our standard meal is cheese and crackers (/bread), and salad and wine. Not that I'm complaining, at all :). I brought red lettuce, cucumber, red pepper, avocado, and radishes. She provided crackers, brie, cheddar, olives, and rosé.
We began at her dining table, eventually venturing to her terrace for overcast views of Central Park. The preferred plan would have consisted of a picnic in the park and premeditated bumping into of Anna and Leslie... but we didn't trust the ever-changing weather. It turned out well for us, too. Somewhere amidst our heart-to-heart, Bianca remembered she had once piece of Buddha Bear Bakery chocolate cake in her fridge. We enjoyed it with a side of sliced strawberries for dessert.
This past weekend was so relaxing yet featured practically everything: Fun nights, good-for-the-body-and-soul meals, and oh, even a killer Barre Pro burn at Pilates ProWorks. More details to come about that fantastic blogger workout (and my sore muscles), in addition to our last stop on the tour de Colombia. Be back soon!

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