Tuesday, June 12, 2012

the birds in leticia

We arrived in the Leticia, the capital of the Colombian Amazon, in the late afternoon. After dropping off our bags, hydrating with fresh juice, and changing quickly at the Amazon Bed & Breakfast, we joined another pair of guests for a tour around the town. The sounds of the birds at sunset is intoxicating, and the sight of them flying from the city to the rainforest, well, just watch the video below...
By the way, see those trees above? They bear the açai fruit (that overpriced, antioxidant-rich superfood), lots of it, and you can literally pick the berries off the plant for free. Or, you can stop by the market and buy the pulp for a few cents to make juice at home. It's funny the way supply and demand works, huh?
Now about those birds... are they not incredible? My grandmother and I certainly thought so. And only after watching them fly back and forth across the sky for 30 minutes did we realize we were starving. We stopped into a restaurant on the main street for piracu as per suggestions from our guide. It was delicious and I was thrilled it was served with a salad, in addition to rice and patacones
We stayed in Leticia for two and a half more days, had multiple rainforest animal encounters, and tried even more Amazon river fish I've never heard of. Stay tuned!

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