Saturday, September 24, 2011

road trip, round two

As much as I love New York, and I do, sometimes I need a break. A weekend spent in a smaller one (like Jersey City, pictured below) or a suburban town (like the one I grew up in) can revive me enough to return with newfound appreciation and awe.
In just six hours, Leslie and I will already be on our way to visit Anna far, far away from the charmingly bustling streets of Manhattan (or Brooklyn). We will spend our weekend amidst the forest's green--relaxing, sharing, reading, enjoying. There will probably be some drinking as well. It'll seemingly be just what I need, except I will not be headed back to the city to stay afterwards. For the next month, I will be a resident of Westchester suburbia with my parents and younger sister. I will be moving back at October's end, of course, but for now, a break feels right. How ironic that each road trip ends up bringing me home.


  1. i am very happy that you are here. :)

  2. Anna: ANd I was very happy to be there. Thanks for being such an amazing host :)


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