Monday, October 25, 2010

revamping a routine

Hi sweethearts, I hope the weekend treated you well! Mine was filled with three things I love: birthdays, family, and friends. (Speaking of, you wished Leslie a happy one, didn't you?) Still, as much as I loved meeting blends for drinks, spending time with my little cousins upstate, and venturing into uncharted nightlife territory with my best friends from high school, I too appreciate the fresh start to a full week. Being a Gemini (ha, yes, I attribute these traits to my zodiac sign) I am as much spontaneous as I am planned.
Just as I loved the excitement of new adventures across the U.S., I am just as thrilled to slow down and get back to basics. As I mentioned in Friday's vlog, my new home routine is going to include yoga classes, books, outdoor runs/walks, art work, kitchen time, and real food. Can I get a hip hip hooray?
Last Monday I was greeted by my very excited-to-see-me family. We unpacked the car and talked for a little while before my dad opened up a perfect gift from yours truly, a bottle of Cambria's Pinot Noir. I say perfect because my parents loved it :). 
An hour or so later, we sat down for dinner. You have no idea how ecstatic I was for a home-cooked meal eaten at the dining room table! I helped myself to fantastic plate of salad (with lettuce from the garden), sautéed zucchini and mushrooms, fresh kidney beans, and sweet potato fries. We feasted, we chatted, and I cleaned up the table afterwards so I could pass out for a phenomenal night's sleep in my own bed.
The next morning, my internal clock woke me up before eight. I lie in bed for a few moments, contemplating what breakfast would bring, before my wonderful mother called up the stairs to let me know that she had bought multi grain hot cereal by Country Choice. Score. It was just as filling as my usual rolled oats with added texture thanks to the rye, barley, and wheat grains. 
Tuesday afternoon I helped myself to split pea soup for lunch. Wednesday afternoon I whipped up a roasted red pepper and tomato (a.k.a. heated up Pacific Natural Foods). Both times toast accompanied the meal, first with a smear of natural peanut butter, the next day with a tablespoon of hummus. I love simple yet comforting lunches like this, so much more satisfying than two granola bars. 
I'm not sure what happened to other dinners (I ate, I swear!) but Thursday brought pasta night. While my family enjoyed bow ties, I sought to do my little traveling body justice with whole grains and opted to try the Eden Organic pasta sample from the Healthy Living Summit. Kamut is an ancient grain, similar to durum wheat, that's grown in the state of Montana (hey, I've been there!).
Yum! I topped with a homemade chunky tomato sauce and peas and ate it alongside a hunk of fresh Italian bread for a hearty meal. Oh, and there was salad and wine too, of course, my two favorite parts.
What a week, and what a weekend... it feels good to be home.


  1. i'm so happy you're home. :) and i can certainly appreciate that “thank god, fresh food” feeling. after the amount of wine and tequila i consumed this weekend, i seriously didn’t know salad could taste so good. all about that balance thing, right?

    thanks for the bday wishes, again!

  2. Yum! Lovin those sweet potato fries!

  3. awww so glad you made it back safely! you just go on and enjoy some downtime lady. your eats look fantastic, and the thought of yoga/kitchen/book/outdoor time sounds lovely.

    and amen on that wine quote :)

    love you lady!

  4. leslie: Yes, that balance thing :) haha, I missed you!

    BroccoliHut: Ooh, so do I.

    Holly: Thank you, my dear! I am trying to appreciate it because I know I'll crave a break once I get super busy :) love you too!


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