Monday, October 18, 2010

motown's suburbia (ann arbor,mi)

[Red Hawk CouchSurfing dinner: Oktoberfest beer & Delhi pizza]
[U. Michigan law quad]
[U.Michigan arts centers]

[U.Michigan Nichols Arboretum]
[Soy latté at Mighty Good Coffee]
[Seva Restaurant dinner: red wine flight & anything but special stir-fry specials]
Like I said, dining with Claire was such a treat. Her and I started blogging around the same time so we were anything but strangers in the blogworld. Still, even with the knowledge that we both loved travel, food, wine, and writing, (amongst other things,) I couldn't have foreseen how amazing it was to meet her in person. 
For instance, if baking chocolate chip cookies, while sick, for a friend you've never met, isn't going above and beyond... I don't know what is. She is absolutely wonderful and I wish she lived closer. Or, maybe I'll move to Ann Arbor. Michigan is a great school (graduate studies?), the city is beautiful, the art scene is extensive, and there are many more culinary hot spots to try.


  1. That video was wonderful lady! You are too sweet! I am so happy we finally had the chance to meet up, it was splendid! Oh, and I am glad you enjoyed the cookies! I hope you had a great time in PA and at SYR!

  2. Ann Arbor is my hometown! I miss it so much. Seeing all your pictures and food recaps in this post made me sigh. Hopefully I can go home soon. Sometimes NYC gets overwhelming...

    Glad you had fun!

  3. claire: I am so happy too! Thank you!!!

    runwritetherapylife: Ann Arbor certainly would be the perfect NYC escape. Once I get back into the city grind I'd gladly take a trip with you :).


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