Friday, October 22, 2010


Don't value money. "A new study from the University of Liege in Belgium shows that it (money) can...impair our ability to appreciate the simple things."
Get engaged. "Find an absorbing, challenging pastime that allows you to feel some mastery...Research shows that achieving this state...will allow you to function at your fullest and lead to more positive feelings about yourself and life in general."
Do good. "Studies show that those who volunteer report better mental health than those who don't. Volunteering can increase a sense of capability in the world."
Buy experience, not things. "Experiences lead to lasting memories, which can result in satisfaction, meaning and a sold sense of self. Other studies suggest that spending on leisure is smart because activities generate social connections, and strong connections contribute to happiness."

P.S. I also want to get back into sketching and collages since I've certainly collected enough material from my travels. This will be fun, we'll make sure of it :).


  1. This is a great post that women of all ages can relate to. You are really articulate and have a sense of self that is beyond your years!

  2. can I just say how amazing you are? I wish we lived closer together!!!

  3. that's make two of us, i`m to... young, single, unemployed, no future plans :)) i love reading your blog and watch your videos

  4. Great video! Good luck with the job searching and things! :)

  5. Gosh I think everyone goes through what you are right now. It's challenging, but you seem so self-aware, and I know that trait will serve you well while you figure things out in the coming months!

  6. I hear your going to central america soon. That will keep you busy.

  7. Meghan@travelwinedine: Wow, Meghan, thank you. That really means a lot.

    Trying To Heal: Aw, darling, so are you and so do I!

    Bogdan: Thanks for your constant support!

    Little Bookworm: Thank you so much, sweetheart!

    Susan: Such an encouraging comment :) thanks!

    Nomadic Matt: Ha, I couldn't tell you when though ;) and I hear it's a secret anyhow.

  8. Jessica (jesslikesithot)October 25, 2010 at 1:09 PM

    I am thrilled to see where life takes you. I love that you'll continue blogging through this transition phase (because I may very well be there in just another year or so, after my own graduation!), and cannot wait to hear more about your everyday life! Trying new recipes out, some dog-walking, yoga-ing and reading all sound lovely to me :)

    Xoxo, Jessica

  9. Jessica (jesslikesithot): You're amazing. Thank you, dear!


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