Thursday, October 21, 2010

from my heart, to yours

"What and if are two words as non-threatening as words can be... but, put them together side by side, and they have the power to haunt you for the rest of your life."

So, tonight I decided to watch Letters to Juliet. It was an interesting choice seeing as I wasn't exactly in the happiest or unloneliest (for lack of a better word) of moods, but, I wanted to see it anyway. It's one of my sister's favorites.

For me, well, I'm a harsher critic. I liked the concept, (although to be honest, even the romantic in me gagged a little at the unlikeliness of two intertwined love stories,) I liked the leading actress, (most notably Vanessa Redgrave), and I liked the setting (has anyone given a negative review of Tuscany?) but I didn't love the movie. Still, it's influenced this extremely honest post, and led to me pouring myself a glass of Spanish wine, so I'd say it was worth it.
Love is a scary thing. It's amazing, empowering, overwhelming, and absolutely terrifying. It comes in a multitude of  varieties and depths. It can so thoroughly change, or at the very least, massively influence our lives for better or for worse. If you want to talk about the most powerful word, well, ever, I'd say l-o-v-e just about takes the cake.

In the romantic sense, I've said the triple word thriller, "I love you," to three different people, although I'm pretty sure that I only truly meant it once. At the moment, I couldn't say that I was lucky enough to be in love, but I'm unfortunately not out of it. And all the while I continue to express love. Wait. You do know that love is messy, right? Yep, yep, it is. Powerful and scary. What'd I tell ya?!

Nonetheless, in the platonic and familial sense, I've been surrounded by love my entire life. I am grateful for this fact, truly, truly, and yet, it's phenomenal how even an incredibly loved person can feel so unloved sometimes.
It's almost funny. You know? In a ridiculous way, I mean.

Anyway, I must confess that even though I am well aware that I am a strong and capable and independent human being, and don't need a man in any way, shape, or form, in times of doubt, a loving male counterpart would be nice.

I'm just saying.
I don't often share my love life with the blog world, but I felt inclined to simply share my thoughts tonight. I am fine, I promise :), I just wanted other solo fliers to know that they're not alone. We may never figure love out and maybe that's how it's supposed to be, but we are most definitely are loved. Very, very much so. I can promise you that one and let me know if you ever need a reminder. Now, comment as you wish :) sleep tight, my darlings.

Words by D. Alvarez, Photos by E. Flamm


  1. You said this so perfectly - I totally agree. ((hugs))

  2. I think the important thing to remember is that love comes in all forms- friends, family, even coworkers and strangers! No matter where you're at in your "love life," you're always surrounded with love.

  3. Beautiful, powerful sentiments, dear Danielle.

  4. As a newly single girl I really like this post. It actually almost made me cry :)

  5. Shannon, Tropical Eats: Glad to have company :)

    blackcatkitchen: Thanks, love. Hugs to you too!

    Jenny: So true, thank you for sharing.

    VeggieGirl: Aw, thanks, my darling. Let's catch up soon.

    Rachel: Aw, happy tears, I hope. I'm always here if you need another single friend :).


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