Thursday, October 7, 2010

exploring the west coast viticulture

Hi lovelies. For those of you that have been following me on Twitter, you may have noticed that I'm not in California any longer. In actuality, farther and farther from it. And with each mile my heart aches a bit more. In addition to boasting the spectacularity that is Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Francisco, they also have these little pockets of paradise called Wine Country.
I passed countless wineries and vineyards on the drive from Santa Barbara to San Francisco. Yes, countless. Even the most determined driver within me could not resist at least stopping at one.
I paid a visit to Cambria Winery for reasons that I will soon enough be able to reveal. (Don't worry they're nothing too exciting). I sampled their delightful red reserves while chatting with the server, a D.C. native, and a couple from Seattle.
I left feeling warm, happy, and just a bit tipsy (don't worry, I waited it out in the comfort of my own car before driving away), and vowed that this would not be the last time I ventured off the Pacific Highway for vino.
Thankfully, it wasn't, because just three days later, on my way out of San Francisco, I found myself in Sonoma County sitting across from this special lady...
Jenna from Eat, Live, Run! (Pst, the 2 super high quality photos above are hers. The rest below are mine, as per usual.)

An explanation regarding my visit to Healdsburg, specifically Jenna and I's lunch at The Charcuterie and the tasting at Michel-Schlumberger's vineyard, you ask? Please watch the video below:

P.S. Until I have a chance to do one of my own, I'd like to invite you to check out complete review of the wine estate by my blend at Travel, Eat Love as well.


  1. So happy that you got to meet Jenna - you two are fabulous friends of mine :)

  2. ahhhh so much fun! i love that you got to meet up with jenna, and i cannot wait until WE get to meet up in just a couple days! so very excited. safe driving and see you soon dear!!!

  3. You are cuter than cute. And I love your dang soothing and adorable.


    like dose classes tooo!!!!!

  4. Can't watch the video right now (sad face) but just wanted to drop in and let you know that I've been loving your photos! Your adventures are an inspiration!

  5. yeah!! im sorry i missed you in southern ca, but im reallllly glad you enjoyed wine country. my fam has a vineyard in Healdsburg (dry creek valley). michel schlumberger does have great wines. good call on stopping there. kylenad i did the drive from nor cal to portland (and then on up to seattle, vancouver, etc.) this summer and it was awesome. i love the west coast and it makes me so happy to see you enjoying it as well.

  6. VeggieGirl: I am too!

    Holly: Yayayay. Thank you and see you soon!

    glidingcalm: Love, love, love you! You're too sweet.

    Angharad: Aw, wow, thanks so much. I cannot wait (although I totally can) to be able to truly reflect on it. I have a lot of attempts at inspiration in mind :).

    elise: Ah, I'm so sorry too! But I did love California. So next time I go, as soon as humanly possible, we can hang out. And possibly visit your family's vineyard too please because that sounds amazing ;).


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