Thursday, October 14, 2010

dairy good days I (madison, wi)

I spent last Saturday driving. It was a blast. On my way through South Dakota, I passed by Laura Ingalls Wilder's home, and as I came to a pause in Minnesota, I conveniently stopped within 5 miles of the SPAM museum. 
Ha, the drive actually kind of sucked and I didn't stop at either sites. What I did do was spend a night with another amazing CouchSurfing host, get inspired, and embark on yet another few hours of driving to Madison.
My knowledge of Wisconsin started and ended with "America's Dairyland." Lucky for me, the ever-phenomenal Holly offered to change all that in a mere 48 hours.
Lesson 1: A tour of Hinchley's Dairy Farm.
[Corn maze]
[Complimentary pumpkin & bumpkin picking]
It was quite the afternoon lesson and with many, many laughs had by all. Our little clan included Holly, her fabulous friend, Miss Kristie, and myself. I learned a ton, but since I hardly have any time to explain it to you myself, I will let the Dairy Goddess to the honors. Click on the link to find out more :).
After all of our fun and exertion (leaping through corn mazes for photo-ops is tough work) we went for an early bird dinner at a local favorite, the Weary Traveler. I deemed it extremely appropriate seeing as I can oftentimes relate, and with that mindset I ordered a Kombucha with Vodka.
Apparently even the healthiest of teas has discovered the dark side ;). I also had a West of the Andes sandwich (a blend of roasted veggies, avocado, pico de gallo, and Chipotle mayonnaise) alongside a mixed green salad. Delish. 
Lesson 2: The Chocolate Shoppe  ice cream. I should've probably gotten the pumpkin/ginger snap flavor for seasonalities sake, but ultimately decided on a classic chocolate cone.
Our wonderful day ended calmly at Mother Fool's Coffeehouse. Holly and I both enjoyed peppermint tea as we attempted to be responsible and get sh** done. Our efforts were somewhat successful :). Eventually we made our way back to her apartment and drifted off to dreamland. I had another lovely day to rest up for...

to be continued


  1. awwww...I MISS YOU! i had so much fun, and i am pretty sure the children of the corn photo is hilarious. also, as much as i claim to hate animals, that kitty was pretty dang cute, no?

    can't wait for part two - love you lady!!!

    p.s. you left my apartment cleaner than i ever do - THANK YOU :)

  2. Holly... Kombucha with vodka... homemade ice cream shops that serve pumpkin ginger snap ice cream. WOW! What a fun time! I need to get to Madison stat.

    Looking forward to seeing you soon and hearing all about your adventures!! :)

  3. Kombucha with vodka??? Say it ain't so!!! Love the corn field shots, TOTALLY something I'd do 43 times to get it right. Enjoy PA!

  4. Love the cow photo! I've always been a sucker for bovines:)

  5. kombucha with vodka?! please sign me up for a wisconsin trip asap.

    or, you can hurry up and come home, and we can make that a highlight of our next dinner party. except, i vote we replace vodka with gin.

    cannot cannot wait to hear these stories in person SO SOON!

  6. Holly: I MISS Y-O-U! Thank you, as did I. Yes, and yes, and yes. P.S. Aw, you're very welcome but I swear I didn't do anything more than clean up after myself. Your apartment is lovely.

    crunchygranolagal: I'll go back with you? ;)

    Caitlin: Right?! Right?! I know, insanity. But good, pretty darn good, as soon as I got over the interesting kombucha taste. Thanks, love!

    BroccoliHut: Haha, thanks.

    leslie: You're coming with Sofia and I, it's decided. But before then, I am coming home and we are going to have wonderful, wonderful catch up sessions. Can't wait.


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