Thursday, August 7, 2008

all in moderation

When it comes to healthy eating and exercise habits, being a perfectionist can be a huge downfall. Oftentimes I find myself feeling proud for keeping my self-promise to be active each day but then guilty when I indulge in rich "bad" foods because deep down it's not a part of the plan. I can't help but feel like I take one step forward and two steps backward so I'm currently re-reading Eat, Live, and Be Healthy. Aside from re-focusing my mindset, it also has a ton of solid healthful information that it wouldn't hurt to brush up on. Honestly, I think I'm afraid of gaining weight since I know it's so easy and common for college students that spend a semester abroad. A combination of adapting to a 6-month vacation food choices, paired with a lazy approach to exercise, even if they were a gym rat at home. But this is obviously dependent on an individual's basis, right?, and thankfully doesn't describe me, so... what am I so worried about?! Ugh, trying to find that perfect balance is so frustrating, I'm never quite there.
Alrighty then, sorry about the rant! Last night for dinner we had Fried Zucchini, Mashed Potatoes, and an Iceberg lettuce salad. I also had a couple of cookies that my host-sister told me I needed to try. This was a slight "splurge" of a meal amongst a million ideally nutritious ones, so, it's really not a big deal at all. It definitely could have been a million times worse. If only I could convince myself that and get over it! For now, I really am going to stop complaining about this, I promise :).
It's not that hard, not when lunch looked like this- Salmon, Scrambled Zucchini, Steamed Spinach, and a tomato. It looks like a ton, and it probably was, lol, but I ate lunch late yesterday (around 3) because I was out running errands with a friend after our morning class and lost track of time. So yes, I was starving and ate, basically, everything, minus about half of the zucchini and egg mixture. Thankfully I didn't feel uncomfortably stuffed, it was the perfect amount of good-for-me food that my body had so desperately been craving, yum! As for today, I'm off to the gym now, meeting friends for coffee and a little shopping, and catching up on homework before my evening class. After that, it's the big weekend! My "mom" just told me how I've been living here for a month as of a few days ago, that's insanity. And as much as I love it, a few days away are going to be just amazing! Happy Thursday everyone!

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