Sunday, August 10, 2008

club arena

Happy Childrens Day! What a wonderful concept Latin American countries have created, an entire day "to honor and celebrate the kiddies who represent the hope and dreams of every community." It's really too bad my studious brother and sister have to spend their day studying for upcoming exams, I hope we can do something fun later.
After my big breakfast yesterday I wasn't hungry for lunch for the longest time, nor was my family so we ended up eating in the afternoon. My mom and I broke out here huge copper wok and we whipped together some asian stir-fry to mix with pasta. There was all kinds of things in there, let's see, broccoli, carrots, bean sprouts, spinach, water chestnuts, mushrooms, and finally, spring onions. With a little queso, olive oil, and side salad it was another easy and delish meal.
Afterwards I went shopping with my "mom" and "sister." We went to a different mall from last weekend that was sooo much bigger. Crowded too but I liked the wider selection of stores. Half-way through we sat down for a Cafe Cortado. I adore good coffee, what a nice little snack! When we got home dinner was the last thing on my mind so I only ended up having a tomato salad and then was off to bed. I was supposed to have a Skype conversation with the boy but he was a no-show...
... due to circumstances beyond his control, which I found out this morning ;). After a wonderful and over-due conversation I got out of bed, and low and behold, found fresh bread, still warm, on the kitchen table. With some yummy French cheese and marmalade and alongside a piping hot mug of green tea it made for a sweet Sunday breakfast! I also ate an apple because it hadn't quite filled me up like my lovely oats usually do. In a few I'm going out to find Campus Oriente, one of the U.Catholica campuses that is supposedly 20 minutes from my house, and figure out where my classes (that begin this week, ahh) are. Next on the list is a visit to Club Arenaconveniently located directly right across the street and my soon-to-be gym. My host-mom gave a great review so I've decided to join. And on that note, thanks a million to everyone that commented on yesterday's post. I really appreciate all of your fitness advice and will definitely be using it soon! You girls rock :).

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