Tuesday, August 19, 2008

junior year: go!

I didn't mention it on the last post but Monday marked the first day of classes for my home university (along with numerous others across the U.S.). Never again will I be able to do what I'm doing but I hate missing those little things that always get me excited about going back to school: moving into my new "home" with my favorite roommates, catching up after a long summer, the first party of the year, getting together with my sorority sisters at the house, the first chapter meeting, reuniting with friends, even buying new school supplies, picking up my fresh books, going to classes with 'beginning semester enthusiasm'... I'm not going to lie, I'm school-sick. It's just been plain discomforting not being there when I know everybody else is :( I miss my girls!
Haha, okay, I know I said that I wasn't going to post all of my meals anymore because they're so repetitious but I made some alterations to old-time favorites so I couldn't help myself. It all started this morning. We're all out of green tea so I had a big mug of coffee paired with scrumptious (and messy) Breakfast PBBJ. Open-faced. Genius ;). Lunch's picture is note-worthy because of the lovely table spread that my host-mom set up. The main course was a bowl of Spinach & Garlic Raviolis in a Bolognese sauce (made with soy meat) with parmesan cheese, followed by a plate chopped Celery Salad with EVOO and salt, and dessert was a lucky apple from the fruit bowl. Oh and I obviously drank a big glass of agua alongside it all. If that's not a well-balanced meal, well, I just don't know what is ;) I love good stuff that tastes good.
My "mom" makes legumes once a week, usually on Mondays, but because she didn't have a chance to soak any yesterday, she made the chickpeas today. As usual, the darling beans were used to make a huge and delicious pot of soup, and thus, dinner was served. Sopa de Garbanzos with a Lettuce and Celery salad. A bit later on, I ended this delectable day of food with... a disc of 72% bitter Belgian chocolate, try saying that five times fast ;), it was such a perfect organic dessert! Okay, good night. But, wait, before I go... since I started the post with my girlfriends, I'd like to end it something for with the boyfriend, oooh I haven't called him that yet in the blog world, I like it O:). Anyway, he's currently in the last stretch of filling out medical school applications and, even though I'm sure he probably doesn't need it, I was hoping that you could wish him luck with everything. It'll get to him, he's a blog reader too :). Thank you darlings! Sweet dreams!

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