Monday, November 24, 2008

anything but a great start

Monday mornings have never been a favorite of mine, but I do enjoy getting back into a routine, so after a wonderfully long vacation I was looking forward to my early run and my regular weekly schedule that follows. However, everything going as planned would have required me to wake up to my alarm... which I did not. I had the most difficult time falling asleep last night, and it's now 10 as I'm getting out of bed :(. It's great that I got in my 7 hours but I'm way too late for class, the commute alone is 50 min, and now I have to go to the gym instead of my path because it's currently packed with bikers. Ugh, Mondays.
At least Sunday went as I'd hoped!. I woke up early, had a yummy oatmeal breakfast, and then went to the park to study until lunch time. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, spring is finally here! Then six hours later, I sat down for lunch, absolutely starving, and had a pasta dish that I swear must've come directly from heaven. The key ingredient was mashed avocado. I love my palta but I have never even heard of eating it with pasta. My host-mom said it's an Italian thing? True or not, I was more than excited to try it! And wow, what a winner it was! I added about 3 big spoonfuls of the healthy monosaturated fat to my plain pasta, generously sprinkled pepper on top, a little EVOO, mixed it all together and had a delectable creamilicious lunch :). Mmmm! Alright, I'm sorry but that's going to have to be enough reminiscing. I have to eat something quick and get going, I'm so late, and I have about a million things I'm supposed to get done today! I hope my professor is understanding...

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