Sunday, November 2, 2008

the hydroponic difference

Happy Belated Halloween! It's been such a blast being festive gringos in a city that doesn't quite understand the occasion. We stand out like sore thumbs... but all in good fun, haha. I went as a hippie dancing the night away with a chef, a sorceress, a gangster, a devil, etc.

As for my former promise, here's Genevieve and I taking a seat in Jorge's apartment before the office party. What a tough day at work ;)

The dress is by Alberta Ferretti, Philosophy, with mesh sleeves, a tight band under the bust, pleated bubble shape, and it hits right above the knee. Actually pretty flattering... too bad this picture doesn't show that!

Lunch and dinner yesterday was quite disappointing... stewed steak and rice. There were a few veggies mixed in, carrots, onions, and asparagus, but otherwise, large portions of pretty blah food.
The highlight was definitely the tomatoes! A hydroponic produce store opened right down the street from us and, oh my gosh, there was such a difference in appearance and taste. The hydroponic method is a fairly simply gardening technique of growing plants without the use of soil. Roots are directly provided with food, water, and the nutrients they need to flourish in a water solution. Overall, hydroponic grown plants are healthier and produce quality fruits, flowers, and foliage. All I have to say is, yum!
Hope you had a wonderful extra hour last night (now I'm ahead of you EST-timers by 2 hours!), enjoy your Sunday, and, my, oh my, I cannot believe I'm saying this already, wishing you a fantastic month of November. Look out for the Halloween-inspired post to come!

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