Friday, November 21, 2008


Hola bloggies! Oh my gosh, how I´ve missed you so! I know I´ve been slacking on posting lately and haven´t been around in the general blogosphere (it´s daunting how many of my favorite blogs I have yet to catch up on) all because I´ve been such a busy bee! Between my parent´s visit, the end of my Chilean semester a.k.a. final papers, projects, and exams to do and prepare for, and my most recent trip to San Pedro, I just haven´t been my usual happily blogging self... so I´m sorry. Thank you so much for sticking around. It means so much to me that I have any readers at all and then when I can count on them to keep reading even when I don´t have the time to dedicate to my posts, I don´t know how I ever got so lucky :). Now, as much as I would like to stick around and catch up, I still can´t. I have my Spanish final tomorrow that I really have to study for! Not to mention that I forgot to bring extra camera batteries while I was away, thus the majority of my pictures, both food and spectacular sights are on my friend´s camera. Oh and also had my laptop charger stolen so I can´t upload anything onto my beloved and deceased Mac and send some recap pics and stories your way. Ahh, all this urgency and inconvenience is stressing me out! Hope you´re having a fantastic Tuesday and I promise I will be back with some legit blog material as soon as humanly possible! By the way, one last thing, I only have 21 days left of living in Santiago. Insanity.

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