Monday, May 19, 2008

teen more days

I'm excited for my birthday, as I always am, but this year I'm actually nervous too. And I don't know what about! My friends have been laughing at me because "I feel like responsibility is going to fall from the sky right into my lap once I'm in my 20's and I will have no idea what do with it." Haha, don't worry, I don't actually expect that to happen, but it does scare me that I may make mistakes and not have the excuse of being a teenager for them. Granted everyone makes mistakes, age is irrelevant, and I'm obviously over-thinking it :). To start off my day I ate a big bowl of Nature's Path Flax Plus Cereal with an additional tablespoon of flax and a banana. I ate it because I enjoy the flavor (whole wheat, oat bran, barley, flax, etc) and I love that there are 7 grams of fiber but I'm not quite sure if my body can actually absorb the full 500 mg of Omega-3s that they promise. Anyone know? Anyway as much as I enjoyed it, it was not what I had intended on eating. I expected to make some of my favorite Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal but my room was just too hot this morning for me to imagine an equally as hot breakfast! I just want to make sure I got enough fuel to hold me until lunch since I would prefer not to get into the habit of a morning snack like I had yesterday. It's not that I wasn't hungry when I ate it because I certainly was (intuitive eating) but I would like to have a larger breakfast instead, just a personal preference. And after all that I'm drinking another mug of Green Tea as I type. Go figure! Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday, I'll be back again around 8!

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