Tuesday, May 6, 2008

if you could see me now!

...unfortunately, you can't :(. I had a good day but technology just has not been on my side. My camera died this morning and I brought it to work sans batteries, I only have a picture of tonight's dessert. I used my phone to take pictures of lunch and even it ended up dying a few minutes after, there aren't any photos of dinner and I have nowhere to send my lunch photos. While I was working my mom brought my mac to the Apple store, it's going to be there for another 2 days getting fixed. In the mean time, you all seem like an imaginative and creative bunch so hopefully you'll still keep reading even though there won't be much to look at :). Alright, let the games begin! I finally packed a lunch today! So around 1:30 I sat down with Self magazine and enjoyed a fulfilling sandwich of hummus, romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions on whole wheat with a bit of balsamic vinegar & oil for flavor. Yummy! I'm thinking the same for tomorrow? I had an apple for dessert. Once I was done with work I needed a snack before my gym session. But I forgot to back anything! Luckily I work in CVS so I bought a new organic bar we sell: Glenny's Naturals Organic Muesuli low fat Multigrain Bar, Blueberry & Nut flavor. It fueled the workout but I wouldn't buy it again. I could hardly taste the fruit, definitely couldn't taste any nuts, and it was too dry and crunchy for my taste. I suppose I'll make sure to remember to bring my favorites from home now :) haha, we can only hope. I had an amazing 50 minute sweat session of cardio & lower body sculpting. I'm sore already! Afterwards my grandmother invited me up to her apartment for dinner. Just a little background she's totally on the health food wagon so I love eating with her! Sure enough she served me a huge salad of mixed greens, sprouts, cucumber, red bell pepper, yellow bell pepper, celery and avocado followed by brown rice and beans. It was all so satisfying, especially mentally! I ate around 8 and came home around 9 to for dessert, a delicious fairly traded, organic, 80% cacoa dark chocolate square, or triangle rather (I couldn't break it neatly, lol). A few moments ago I also had about 6 nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews) and a small bowl of cherries. Now how'd I do today? Well, I had 9 fruits and vegetables in all, I had a wonderfully difficult work out session, I consumed the intended amount of calories, and... I didn't cook or bake. Hm, 3 out of 4, tomorrow I'm hoping to complete the latter! And on that note I think now is the time to curl up in bed with Veganomicon and figure out who's the lucky dish! Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday, thank you once again for being such an amazing community of bloggers, I'm loving being a part of it :)

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