Sunday, May 18, 2008

a leap of faith

I've been quite busy the past 24 hours... what else is new? Of course, this is my favorite kind of bus--good times with family and friends! When I say I've been non-stop though, I really have: I woke up at my friend's apartment in the Bronx around 9, we packed up his truck (he's moving out), he dropped me off at home, I jumped in the shower, ate a quick bowl of cereal, and left with my family for the church. I spent about 5 hours with my extended family. It's been a few months since I've seen everyone so I always appreciate these happy occasions that bring everyone together again.These are 4 of 6 cousins that I've been missing so much. Aren't they adorable?! The little boy in the white tee is the one who we were celebrating :). I was so distracted by them I forgot to photograph my food. Sorry! I had some Couscous Vegetable Salad, a huge portion of Steamed Vegetables and some Penne Vodka. When I realized that I'd eaten everything without taking a picture of it my brother decided I should at least document my dessert- a cup of coffee with cream.
After sufficient family time, I continued on my way. I finally finished putting everything away in my room, packed an overnight bag, and printed out directions. Where was I headed you ask? Oh, you know, just to visit the boy :). I met his parents (so cute) and then we went on another dinner date, and a movie. We ate at this really nice restaurant right on the Hudson River, Shadows on the Hudson. Beautiful atmosphere, good food, and another incredible time. I had the Pan Seared Scallops, "Seared Dry Scallops Served with Wakimi Seaweed Salad, Basmati Rice, Fresh Vegetable Blend and a Mandarin Orange, Mirin, and Fresh Basal Reduction." It was as delish as it sounds. We actually both wanted to order this but he let me go ahead and ended up getting his second choice, Simply Grilled Salmon. What a gentleman. He fared out very well though. His fish rocked my world. We like to try each other's food, lol. Again, neither of us got dessert but we both nursed a piping hot cup of coffee. Following our yummy meal we went out to the deck to enjoy the view and each other's company before heading to the movie theatre. We ended up seeing "What happens in Vegas," a perfect date movie. He even admitted that it was the best chick flicks he'd ever seen. Haha, it really was that good, and so funny. The only downfall was the ending line. Anyone who has seen the movie probably knows what I'm talking about ;) still worth it.

Okay, so, the boy is just amazing. This may have been the last time we have the opportunity to spend time together so there was a lot to talk about. It's scary because if anything comes up in the next year, which it very possibly can, this could have been the last time I saw him. Ever. He's a year older, taking the MCATs at the end of the month, moving to Boston to work for the summer, graduating from college next June, and then going to med school. And pretty soon I'll embark on my year of traveling the world. It all really makes me wonder. Here's my logic: I'm a hopeless romantic and I figure if this is IT than I'm lucky to have spent the last few happy weeks with such a great guy. But if this really could be as good as I think it could, if something's truly meant to be, it will happen. Not wanting to say goodbye, we continued to hang out until until it was so late that I had to stay at my cousin's nearby house.
She had just come back from being out with her friends so it was great timing for us to bond before bed. I really missed spending time with her, and boy, did we have some great stories to share. During our heart-to-heart split a dark chocolate truffle. Sweet ending to a bittersweet night!This morning, I drove the hour-long ride home and ate a big bowl of the remaining Crispix and a banana. I'm planning on resting a little and reminiscing about last night a lot before I have to go to work tonight. No, it's not good bye, everyone, just see you later...

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