Saturday, May 3, 2008

foodie? yep, me too!

I completely intend on documenting the new and foreign, things I eat, places I go, and people I meet for the next year that I spend traveling. However, I have a month until then and tomorrow morning I am driving home from school. I have always been a foodie and love checking all of the wonderful nutrition blogs out there so I figured until I go abroad I'd temporarily convert this blog into just that... I grew up as the skinny one, always, and with seemingly no effort. In reality, I was always really active: sports 5 times a week and dance 2 times. So, when I went away to college and had never had to worry about what I ate nor have a real exercise regimen, the freshman 15 crept on and then some. In the past year I have lost it all but not always in the healthiest way. Anyway, since I've become addicted to the nutrition blogs, taken a nutrition class, and taught myself how to cook, I've found that I can have that slender figure that I feel more comfortable at with regular exercise and eating 3 meals of delicious, nutritious foods. I have maintained my weight loss and feel a lot better physically and mentally this way. However, over the past few weeks I have indulged quite a bit and have decided I need a little more structure to keep myself accountable with my reformed healthy lifestyle. So! that's my story. Beginning tomorrow I will be blogging every yummy morsel that passes through my mouth. This should be interesting... wish me luck... ;)

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