Monday, March 21, 2011

tastes of the LES

Earlier today I was whining tweeting about much I want to go to this. Grand Street Settlement is putting on their annual glutinous event on April 28th: unlimited tastings from nearly fifty restaurants and an open bar of cocktails, wine and beer. It's conveniently located in lower Manhattan with outstanding dining, shops and the city's best nightlife. 
Ironically enough, it also happens to be located about a dozen or so blocks down and east from Union Square and a fabulously crowded Whole Foods Market. 
I've spent some quality time in this neighborhood at night, and a few hours in the morning for brunch, but never mid-day. Not really anyhow, until recently.
With all of my eclectic work responsibilities, I've also been spending a few hours visiting featured juice bars, bakeries, cafés, ice cream shops and yoga studios.
It's really quite fascinating how so many healthful (often overpriced) eateries are located here amongst the night owl attractions...
(My advice to you: get vegan ice cream here,)
(also, wherever it is that you get juice, choose wisely.)
Maybe one day I'll be able to afford frequenting all of them, and often, but until then, I think I'll stick with my free samples, coupon deals and prix-fixed/unlimited mimosa brunches (the best part of every weekend of fun.)
And then imagine just how wonderful it will be to get more than a Taste of the Lower East Side, you know, more like $150s worth of big bites. Yum. Don't mind if I (someday) do. Sweet dreams.


  1. I actually love the LES, one of my best friends lives there and they have the best indian food! Oh, and vintage stores!

  2. this is why I need to visit New York more often - free drinks (and food, too)!

  3. claire: Ah, lucky here! So many great places down there.

    lookthroughmyspecs: Haha, COME!


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