Tuesday, March 8, 2011

daydreams of india

Maybe it's because I work for The Well Daily, maybe it's because I had lunch at the Jivamutki Café, but I've been having many a day dream about India. I watched this video last week too, which probably didn't help with the ordeal ;). I think it's just going to be my next big international excursion.

Until then though, I might keep myself occupied by exploring ayurveda. Translated in sanskrit to mean, "the complete knowledge for long life," it is a holistic system of healing, native to India, that is very similar to many of the principles in my 21-day Crazy, Sexy Diet Adventure Cleanse. Perhaps it'll be a pleasant transition from my current gluten-free, coffee-less, vegan diet? I'd like to see. Not tonight though, tonight I have a date O:)... but tomorrow, oh tomorrow, Easy Kitchari is most definitely on the dinner menu.


  1. Hope you have a fantastic date!

  2. I heard Ayurveda is a wholistic approach to achieve a healthy lifestyle. I'm sure you'll have a great time!

    Please share your trip and your adventures at India. Take care :)

  3. You should definitely go to India!!!! I did my study abroad there and it literally is a one of a kind experience with a country with SO MUCH variety and stuff to offer :)

  4. I am also very eager to go to India. The stylist I do commercials with is on a retreat there right now! I am so jealous. Oh, and I am all about ayurveda...what a yummy recipe on the well daily!

  5. oooh India would be so much fun!

    you world traveler, you :)

  6. India would be a great place to go! It's on my list for sure.

  7. India is one of the best country's that has very interesting culture and tradition. It's also a place for health retreats and spiritual healing. Enjoy your trip :)

  8. Bec: Thanks for catching that :)

    Bocas Chick: Will do and thank you!

    saltwatercoffee: Amazing! When I book my trip, I emailing you for tips :)

    claire: Let's go!

    Tropical Eats & Sagan: ...come with Claire and I! ;)

    Paul @ Cotswold Cottages: I'm sure that's all so true. I cannot wait until the day I can find out for myself!


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