Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the orient express

What later became synonymous with luxury travel, the Orient Express was first the long distance train service that ran across Europe from 1883 to 2009. Although the route changed some over time, vintage posters most often show Paris - Munich - Vienne - Pest - Belgrade - Constantinople. I got a taste of that journey.
We began at French Roast.
It was mid-afternoon. I savored a croissant and espresso.
My two companions enjoyed fancier fare with a café au lait and mocha.
Next we shopped our way through the West Village before coming upon a turn-of-the-century bar car on the famous train, the Orient Express.
The menu boasted classics from the traveled regions with plates like the Red Pepper Rollatini (above) and the Mediterranean Stew (below) . The cocktails are inspired by stops along it with names such as the Sleeping Car and the Nagelmackers (the founder of the original train company).  
The wine list is limited but sufficient.
But the interiors, oh the interiors! "Beneath the curved ceiling, vintage luggage racks are stacked with trunks; oak-paneled walls give the room a warmth that Agatha Christie would have approved of," says T Magazine. It is clear that the founder, Osman Cakir, is as much an antiques dealer as he is a bar proprietor.
Then we ended our trip sweetly with cookies from Magnolia Bakery. Why did we not get cupcakes, you ask? Well, if you can believe it, I'm not too big of a fan. Not to mention that none of us had  cash on us and they didn't accept credit cards. 
It was a fun little adventure we had, Liz, Christina and I. 


  1. ah, how i love french roast! that latte picture is lovely. aaaand i'm ms. anti-magnolia-cupcake, but i hear good things about their banana bread pudding. i love days like these with girlfriends - catching up over little snacks in cute cafes = bliss.

    see you sooooon!

  2. crunchygranolagal: Thanks, very true. See you so soon!


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