Saturday, December 11, 2010

how to holidaze (the friend crush way)

Good morning, sunshines. Hope you all slept as well as I did! By the chance that you did not, and would like to try again later tonight, make sure to have a day like my week. For instance, see a Broadway show with your family, get drinks with a new friend (read: boy), work, blog, work, have an editorial meeting, work, go out to dinner with friends (read: guys and gals), work, have a money-related meltdown, work, work, make enough soup to last you until the end of the month, work, run grown-up errands, work, work, work, meet a friend for dinner (read: girl), work, celebrate the holiday spirit at the office with Turkish food and American cupcakes, work, work, attend your cousin's apartment-warming party, and then work. On the other hand, if you'd rather focus on seizing the day, today, may I suggest a look back at yesterday's musings. Either way, definitely make sure you prepare (and RSVP) for the influx of holiday parties in the days to come. Remember: eat your greens, don't skip meals, move often, stay hydrated, rest enough... oh, and let us not forget about these fantastic tips too:

P.S. Bridgette Dale is my favorite blogger this season. I have a serious friend crush.


  1. I think your list of activities mirrors mine. BUSY BUSY BUSY. I need those survival tips!

  2. Rose: 'tis the season :) hope you're enjoying most of it, at least. I'm glad you can put them to good use!


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