Wednesday, December 9, 2009

unique & sunny side up

Hi, hi, hi. I am, at this very moment over-caffeinated, on a sugar high and ridiculously hyper. Don't worry, it's fine :). Wait, hold on a second though, what the f do I think I'm doing blogging?! I should be studying, I should be writing, I should be researching, and final-ing. But I am, I can assure you I am. And I have... kind of. Thanks to Newhouse buildings, and the classes in them, and the professors that teach the classes in them, and the students that go to the classes that the professors teach in them, we have produced the most amazing final project ever.
Seriously, I am so proud of myself and my group and I hope you don't think I'm bragging but I really cannot get over how spectacular it turned out. We are all magazine majors and we had this fantastic vision to produce a magazine for our COM346: Race, Gender, and the Media class. I absolutely cannot wait to present it to the class on Thursday. And please, by all means, take a look at it yourself. It is bold, it is sassy, and it is original. It is so so so so ours. I just love it and feeling so enthusiastically thrilled about something makes the rest of my week that much more bearable. Apparently I can do it ;).

P.S. Another book review! Read it for your daily dose of optimism!

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