Monday, December 28, 2009

naughty & nice

We slept in until nine o'clock on Christmas morn, the latest to date by far. In the past it was more like 6 or 7 at which point my sister and I would awaken my brother and then we'd all go into my parent's room with our stockings to get them up as well.
Ah the good ol' days :). Although I no longer have to pretend as if "I believe," there is still that special magic when we walk downstairs to find piles of presents with our names on them. I mentioned earlier that I must have been good this year, why? Well, I got a new dress, Glo bars (perfect for workouts and snacks), jeans, a pair of earrings, Up on DVD (looking forward to watching new Disney), a silver ring, Frye boots (thrilled about these), and a Garmin. Road Trip USA, here I come, thanks Santa!
We always have a special breakfast on Christmas morning and this year that meant buckwheat blueberry pancakes. Usually it's cinnamon buns (like I told Miss Kailey) but we switched it up.
I also had a half of a grapefruit on the side. Besides a refreshing glass of lemonade, I am usually not a citrus person but I always make an exception for grapefruit. I just love how yummy, tart, and juicy they are! And they're right in season. What's your favorite fruit?
My brother, sister, and I certainly didn't look as polished then as we did in this picture but I thought I'd feature the photo that made our annual holiday card this year :). After enjoying our new gifts for a bit we spent the next few hours cleaning the house and preparing the spread for company (again, gotta love back to back parties). Check in later today for that wrap-up!

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