Tuesday, December 1, 2009

lunch in the real world

Good morning lovelies. Aren't you just so completely surprised that I'm blogging so early this morning? No? Just me :) okay. Anyway, since I'm up early to give my friend a ride to the airport I thought I'd catch up a bit. I haven't told you about my Armory Square lunch yet! My friend Laura graduated last year but she's from the Syracuse-area and has a new job downtown so we could think of no better occasion than to lunch at one of the fine establishments there.
It was a rather gloomy day last Friday (somewhat like this one) but the lighting for photographs was right on. Before she got on break I walked around the quaint Armory Square. As far as downtown is concerned, this area is the creme de la creme with many chic cafés, boutiques, venues, and sites of pampering (aka salons, I need to visit one soon, yes need.)
After chatting it up with the boy as I strolled, she came 'round the corner and we sat down at BC. With a nouveau-American menu and downtown casual atmosphere, this is a great spot for a meal with friends. It was actually founded by a former Nobu manager and her husband :).
To begin I ordered a cup of the Roasted Acorn Squash soup which came with a fluffy side of bread.
It was deliciously creamy, spiced and topped with some cheese (of which I forget the exact name of). I could have gone w/o the cheese but I am completely on a squash-kick so was perfect.
As an entrée, I had the Spinach, Apple & Walnut salad topped with pickled onions and shaved carrots. It tasted wonderfully fresh, although I did have to ask for the walnuts because they forgot about them. How is a plain veggie-salad supposed to hold me over until dinner-time? Exactly.
Later, when it was time for her to finish up her work day, I headed around the corner to Freedom of Espresso. There I had a scrumptious little latté and worked on some school assignments. I know, very hip and cool of me ;) I will be doing similar things this upcoming weekend alongside my ever-studying boyfriend. On a more exciting note, however, we will also be going to the Museum of Chinese in America so I can do research for an upcoming article, and possibly visit the Bronx Zoo as well. Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned!

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