Saturday, December 19, 2009

my winter wonderland

Good day my sweets! Hope you're cozy and warm :) there is quite the blizzard going on outside my window right now, the first north eastern winter storm. I hope that I wake up to pretty scenes like this tomorrow morning...
Gorgeous, I really do love the snow for the entire month of December, then the new year comes along, and by February I've had enough of it. Funny how that works ;) how winter-tolerant are you? Last night I was particularly questionable because of how frigid it was in Manhattan. The boy and I went to Stout NYC for dinner (delish, pictures to come), to MSG for the Knicks game (two cheers for their comeback in the 2nd half) and to Arlo & Esme for some drinking a single tequila shot and dancing afterwards with his med school friends. What a great night!
Anyway, I'm really glad that you all seemed to have such a great response to my last post. I've been sticking to my vows and will tell you more about the breakfast bowl of oatmeal, avocado & vegetable lunch wrap, grapefruit snack, and the entire previous night when I download the pictures. Until then, let's look towards the future at dinner tonight. My dad made a huge pot of bean and vegetable soup (to which no true name can identify) and I'm planning on finishing it off this evening.
As I did the last time I ate it, I fully intend on adding chopped spinach to bring some green to the already random yet magical concoction :). There may very well be another glass of red wine as well, it's Chilean after all. And on that note let me just say that I am beyond excited for my Beer and Wine Appreciation class next semester. It shall be every Monday evening and I will definitely share my photographs and lessons with you afterwards. Don't worry though, I'll spare you any real specifics into my other classes... the scary Communication Law for example :0.
Eeek! Well doves, I hope you are well, and if you live anywhere near me, warm and cozy and secure inside your homes. I hope I don't have to drive later, I'm thinking a good movie night is in order.

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