Monday, December 21, 2009

bonus rounds

Hello darlings, how are you on this beautiful yet chilly Monday? I'm hoping not to Grinch-esque! I'm back at the Fitness magazine office (and super busy I might add) but I needed wanted to drop in and let you know where I'll be all day anyway. Hope to be back tonight :)
Hola sugar plums. What a day! I am not used to interning anymore ;). Despite the exhaustion, I'm in a mildly-reflective mood so please bear with me as we take the trip through today's events and thoughts... I woke up early this morning, burned through 10-minutes of pilates practice and another 20 of stretching through yoga, ate breakfast, got ready, went to "work." 
Upon arrival I literally had butterflies. I had such an amazing experience over the summer and being back in that building, taking that same route up to the office had me beyond excited. I walked in to excitement from all of the staff that I came to adore. My boss and I were so thrilled to be reunited :) I nearly hugged her.
Then, as I made my way to my desk I received many a, "Oh, I'd forgotten you were coming back today, welcome back!" "We're so glad that you could come in over your break." "How has everything been? We're so happy you're here again!" I tell you, I could have not have felt better! And pretty soon I fell right back into place again and got down to business. But not with my usual fun and editorial projects, just a list of simple packaging and sending to-dos.
I whipped out my carefully-guarded fashion intern skills and got to finding the products, and the boxes they would fit in, securing them closed and filling out FedEx forms before they were swept away to their new and lucky owners.
The recipient of the first few Fitness products represented the winners of the magazine's 30 Days of Giveaways. There were women from each state, big cities, and small towns, and all Fitness-enthusiasts. It made me smile to think how excited the lucky women would be. Next, sneakers were sent to product testers, also diverse, and most definitely, lucky. 
Everything was provided, quite generously, by the manufacturers themselves, free gifts for free exposure. But then, I got to thinking about the relationship between many editors of all kinds and PR people. It's a close one I assure you! I can't tell you how many freebies each receives as gifts or incentives, I too have been spoiled by my fair share of goodies...  and yet there are so many people around the country and the world that do without the bare necessities.
Surely there is nothing fair about that! As much as I completely adore working in the publishing field, I fear that one day it won't fulfill me; I want to make a difference in the lives of those who truly deserve it, do my part in creating a better world and a better tomorrow; But, then again, I'm no super woman, or saint for that matter, I also want the means to travel, taste, and experience for my own well being.
And all the while I wish to continue with my magazine journalistic passions of reading, writing, researching, and editing, in addition to advancing in my understanding and fluency of the Spanish and French language, (and maybe even one more if possible, if I'm even capable). Even now, I have more than I need, and still, I crave the world.
I graduate in May with no idea what comes next. Thankfully there are a few things I am sure of: beginning each new day, full of promise and opportunity, with an energizing workout followed by the complete enjoyment of breakfast, ending it with a setting sun and heart-warming cup of tea, and then resting, and dreaming, until the cycle continues, again, and again, and again.
To be healthy, eat right, walk right, and talk to yourself right." ~Yogi tea


  1. you have such an exciting life ahead of you girl -- and I KNOW you will do amazing things!! Happy day, beautiful :) xo

  2. I really love the way you structure your posts. The pictures are a great compliment to your story, rather than being an entire story on their own. So engaging!

  3. I'll admit this "cycle" of our final semester of college ain't so bad. It's really comforting in its own way, and I'm learning to enjoy and savor every moment. Happy Friday love!

  4. Jenny: Thank you!

    louisianagrown: Thanks so much, darling.

    jenngirl: You're so right. Thank you :)


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