Sunday, December 13, 2009

clips galore

Good evening m'dears! Hope the weekend has treated you well :) mine was a combination of ups and downs. Friday, great, Saturday, mediocre, Sunday, ugh, I have yet to have enough time to dwell on it. I need a drink, would you like to join? Ha, kidding, anyway, in an attempt to cheer myself up, I thought I'd share a little something I am excited about...
This is the latest issue of Equal Time, a general interest magazine published by the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.
Of which, I just happen to have been the features editor this past semester :).
I edited this fantastic piece, Divided We Stand, about race relations on campus. "In the 2010 edition of The Best 371 Colleges, the Princeton Review ranked SU as eight on a list of schools with the least race and class interaction." :(
Then, for the health editor, I wrote this short article on how to stay healthy during the holidays. 
And finally, edited this longer one, Is Technology Ruining Relationships?, about how technology is changing the way we interact and communicate... for better or for worse. I'm so happy with how everything was executed. The issue looks beautiful!
In the past I've worked with the fashion and beauty editor on accessory spreads,
and new beauty product must-haves. At this point, I had wanted to be an editor for Allure.
I obviously do plenty of writing, editing, reading, and researching in all of my classes but it's nice to pretend to be in the real world, with real responsibilities, and create a real true-to-life product. Not to mention that it's obviously amazing experience. There's more than page 106 of Fitness ;).
I've also wrote and worked for Medley Magazine, "a forum for students to explore international and cultural differences on campus, in the city of Syracuse, and abroad." Right up my alley!
And I apparently had it all figured out freshman year with a how-to fondue in a dorm article, combining my passion for food, travel, and culture. Oh and there's that guide to Santiago from the Daily Orange last year. But alas, we must sometimes do things that we don't quite enjoy as much: prepare final projects and study for final exams. Have a wonderful week, hopefully I make it back here alive and sane and well next Saturday ;).

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