Wednesday, December 30, 2009

best of the best

The New Year is right around the corner, almost 36 hours from now. Wow. Have you gone over your Top 10 in 2010 yet? It feels great and a little bit crazy seeing my resolutions/goals written out so clearly and thoroughly, and then sharing them with the whole wide blog world. I hope ya'll are ready to keep me accountable ;).
To prepare I've been staying active and eating well. As I mentioned yesterday, I've been waking up every morning to strength exercises. Beyond yoga, and Sagan's guidance, I have discovered Exhale's Core Fusion Pilates Plus. It was a gift from Fitness at the end of the summer and I'm only now discovering how valuable it is with 10-minute ab workouts and upper-arm & body-sculpt thigh bonuses; Quick, challenging, and just what my body needs to be in tip-top shape for 2010. This is my favorite workout DVD to date.
Then there are the pure foods that I've been enjoying like none other, all from Andy's Produce in Rye, NY. As you may recall, I participated in their juice cleanse over the summer.
This time around I'm  doing a variation of a synergy cleanse with plenty of juices and raw foods. I've been feeling amazing and oh so very clean, especially after a few days of holiday indulgences.
Last night, I had dinner in parts. For my first small meal I shredded a handful of red lettuce and topped it with a pan-seared Sunshine burger. This is my first time trying these spectacular blends or organic ground raw sunflower seeds, brown rice, carrots, herbs and sea salt.... and oh my gosh! Veggie burgers are great every once and a while because they're so satisfying but I like to limit my soy proteins so these are perfect and delicious in every which way. Get your hands on these asap!
When our company arrived, I also picked a little at our cooked vegetable selection with a splash of wine (although from this angle it looks like a hearty glassful, ha) and then I was off to spend time with an old friend of mine. All we did was sit in her room, drink wine, and talk... and I crawled into my own bed at 3:30 am this morning. Don't you hate love it when that happens? We've been friends since we were six and there's never a boring moment when we're together :). 
At the moment I'm sipping on the refreshing water from a cute little coconut and catching up on blog-reading before I head into the city for the night. The plan is to dine with a lovely & familiar bloggie and then meet some abroad friends on the lower West side. It will most definitely be fun but I've already decided that it won't be too crazy of a night... I have to save that for New Years Eve after all ;). Do you have plans yet? I'm spending mine in Manhattan, as will the ball, haha obviously, so I'm hoping it will be the best one yet. See you in 2010!


  1. Wine, friends, and chatter- the ultimate and simplistic recipe for good times :)
    Look forward to hearing about the excitement you have in store for NYE :)

  2. Aren't Sunshine burgers awesome?? Happy New Year, my dear!

  3. Happy New Year! I love your top ten... I should make one myself, but I'm too lazy! lol

  4. All of those strength training/pilates workouts sound great. And from the way you describe them, it seems like you really know it's for you :)

    I'd love to find Sunshine burgers and try them, I'm keeping my eye out around here.

    Happy New Year's Eve! I hope you have a fabulous time tonight.

  5. Wow that coconut is the coolest thing ever!

    Enjoy your New Year's! Thanks for being my blog friend :)

  6. sprinkledwithcinnamon: So true! Thanks Sara, I'll be back soon enough.

    ChickPea: Beyond awesome! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    Marina: Happy New Year darling! Haha, I know what you mean :)

    jenngirl: Yep, hope you have a fabulous one!

    Rose: Hehe, you too! The pleasure is all mind! All the best in the new year!


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