Sunday, July 20, 2014

under wing

Supposedly, having belonged to more than one place makes setting up a life in a another one easier. It doesn't. At least not in the ways some assume. Because in addition to the time and energy it takes to become familiar with one's dynamic new environment, there are the processes of new friend-building and old friend-rekindling, the balance of carefully learning the ropes at work while bolding integrating oneself into the office, and simultaneously figuring out the most restorative personal routine. It's all physically, emotionally, and mentally exhausting. The key, I think, is to hold onto "the why", and accept the promise in each day as it comes.
And to wholeheartedly appreciate the support from near and far as well. I went on a second date in Hollywood Forever Cemetery last night. Earlier in the day, I met Claire and David for brunch at the Ace Hotel and a Downtown Arts District tour. And on Friday, my cousin and I made dinner together before watching her friend perform and dancing the night away. Days like these are what'll make L.A. feel like home. "Little by little, one travels far," and though unbelievably enough, I'm finding s/he need not do it alone.


  1. I hear you. moving around a lot, settling in becomes easier and harder at the same time. it's hard to imagine that it's a skill most people never use/need to learn.

    1. Exactly, Petra. Thank you for understanding. Appreciate your support! xo

  2. Love watching you explore and settle into your new city. And social media is a godsend - it's so helpful in making friends as an adult (which is an altogether awkward, dating-like experience at times).

  3. Oh Danielle - it sounds like you're doing a great job. I suppose every new place is just that - new! So there will always be a period of settling in and it sounds like you're handling it like a professional : ) xx


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