Thursday, June 20, 2013

adventures in going home

According to my boss at PageYourself, not having a flight itinerary 24 hours before departure is, "an adventure." Let me just say here and now: it wasn't one I enjoyed. The trouble is, I reserved my plane tickets to and from New York with a friend of a friend of airline-employed parents. As such, the reservation itself was cheap... and confirmed very last minute. Fine.

But it wasn't exactly because I went to bed on Tuesday without a clue as to when I was flying out on Wednesday. This meant that there was an alarm at 3am, 4am, 5am, 6am, 7am, and a wake-up alarm at 8:15 am to check my inbox for flight details. At 9am, I received an email, "Your flight is for 7:10pm so no need to be ready in the early morning." A relief, yes, but also annoying after such a tumultuous night of sleep. "I'm waiting for the confirmation. Should be there asap! Could you please send me your phone number so I can send you the relevant information?" I provided my phone number and leisurely spent the morning eating breakfast, reading blogs, slowly cleaning up my room. It was the first day I'd off in a very long time. It wasn't until noon that I took a shower! Then, as I got ready to run out for lunch, I received a text: "My contact (his name is Khaled) will call you in a very short time. You leave earlier from Roissy Airport at 17:10 (not 19:10). Please confirm you've received my text. You need to be at the airport at 15:00." It was 12:45pm. The commute to the airport from my apartment is roughly an hour.

So, I ran out to lunch faster than expected, finished packing, and barely cleaned up in order to leave my apartment at 1pm. The wait for a taxi--at the 10-minute-walk away station--was an unbelievable 20 minutes. As my driver dropped me off at the train station, he demanded a tip before I even had a chance to pay. Then I caught the express train to the airport, and along the way, heard from Khaled. I nearly sighed in relief. Thirty minutes later, of course, the airline employee couldn't find my reservation...

He eventually did though, thankfully. I boarded an American Airlines plane at 4:50pm. I arrived at JFK airport at 7:28pm. My parents greeted me, for the first time in 6 months, at 8:15pm (the customs line was insane). But, I made it! I'm safe and sound, and I only spent 450-euros on a round-trip ticket. Be back soon with stories of better adventures from home :).


  1. That's quite an adventure alright! Still, you got back to NYC and that's quite a bargain you've scored there too. Hopefully the info for the trip back would be more forthcoming. In the mean time, have tons of fun!

  2. Ah, the joy of airports... yes the last time I traveled, I ended up getting stuck at my layover destination for a long, long time. But I'm glad you made it safely, even if there was a lot of last minute changes and uncertainty involved! :) And that's definitely not a bad price round trip AT ALL!!!


  3. Don't you just love how often 'adventurous' coincides with 'stressful'?


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